We’ve been getting reports of some issues with how Logic Pro 10.4.2 implements the ARA2 protocol, some may consider it a bug, others not, however if you are not careful you may lose hours of work.

Here are a few pitfalls for Logic Pro and Revoice Pro OR Melodyne;

  • When you open a new ARA plug-in session (melodyne or RVP4) there’s nothing in it – until you press play. It then loads the whole project and this can take some time if there’s lots of audio and we’ve seen it put up an error message.
  • If you open an ARA2 project, do your Melodyne/Revoice editing (and don’t hit play), and then close Logic, you will lose your editing.
  • If you open an ARA2 project and don’t play, then do lots of editing, then hit play, it will overwrite the editing with what was there before.
  • If you have auto save on, and it saves a project after you do a lot of work but before you hit play – you will not have the editing in the backup.
  • If you open up the wrong ARA2 project, hit play and save, you can lose ALL your ARA2 project.

The issue seems to be around having to hit play to make a connection between Logic and the ARA connected application.

We reached out to Synchro Arts one of the companies who are working on ARA2 implementation for comment, they pointed us to their article which includes this statement;

“Unfortunately, Synchro Arts have found issues in Logic Pro X 10.4.2 which prevent Revoice Pro 4 (and other third-party plugins) from utilising the ARA2 protocol effectively and to the high standard of performance we feel Logic Pro X users expect.

We have notified Apple of our findings and hope the issues will be fixed in a future release of Logic Pro X.”

Have you tried ARA in Logic Pro 10.4.2, if so have you had the same issues? Please let us know if you have or if this is an isolated problem with certain set-ups.

Melodyne ARA & Logic Pro 10.4.2

Melodyne ARA & Logic Pro 10.4.2 work together reliably and you can pretty much avoid all of the above stated potential pitfalls if you follow one golden rule: After loading your Logic project, Press Play and Stop once before starting to edit anything. In other words:

Load —> Press Play —> Press Stop

It’s important to understand that when you open a Logic project containing Melodyne ARA edits, it will first display the notes in their unedited state. You need to press play in order for Melodyne to update the notes from their original un-edited state to the editing state they were in when you last saved the project.

If you start editing ARA data before pressing play, the contents within Melodyne will update to the last saved state when you eventually hit play and you will lose your new work. This is really only a theoretical potential problem because how many of us will go in and edit Melodyne notes without auditioning what we are hearing!

The other potential troublesome scenario is opening a Logic project containing Melodyne ARA data, and doing a “Save As” command. As long as you press Play first, the saved state of the Melodyne ARA project will be correctly saved in the new version.

This is all well documented in Melodyne’s documentation.

Follow the golden rule: Load —> Press Play —> Press Stop, and you will avoid any problems.

This article was originally published on Pro-Tools-Expert.com