Indoor Activities & Things To Do For Kids Stuck At Home

Indoor Activities & Things To Do For Kids Stuck At Home, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde

Hi! How is everyone doing? It’s certainly a wild time we’re in, isn’t it? Socially isolating ourselves is going to take a lot of internal strength, but we’re going to get through this together. Whenever I see people posting about their plans of baking and reading and organizing their homes from top to bottom, I cannot help but think “but how about us with kids?! how the hell are we going to make it out alive?” Joking, but not really.

Just like for the majority of us, Nate’s school is going to be closed for 4/20. When I heard this, I panicked and then thought “okay, we need a plan!” Of course, I reached out to all of you on stories and got a ton of helpful information, which you’ll find below.

We do plan to stick to a schedule. Typically, when we wake up, we do allow a little TV. This gives me the time to get things done in the kitchen. From making coffee to school lunch and really, to give myself a few minutes to wake up. While I’m not packing lunch at the moment, I still plan to keep that as part of our routine.

We definitely will be getting dressed for the day. Aside from making me feel less sluggish, it takes up a good 20 minutes. During school mornings, it’s always such a process, but during our time at home, the extra activity is welcome. I take both of them upstairs and while Nate is reading a book, I get Sasha dressed. Then, I’ll put Sasha in her little chair and we’ll get Nate dressed.

Indoor Activities & Things To Do For Kids Stuck At Home

Nate’s school also sent over their daily schedule, which provides me with a helpful guide on how to implement some similar structure. We’ll tweak it to fit our at-home needs, but it’s nice to have a guideline.

8:15: Arrival Activity and Table Toys

8:30: Circle Time and Music and Movement

9:15: Morning Snack and Library Center

9:30: Center and Activity Time

10:15: Story Time/ Reading Journals/Math Journals

10:45: Music and Movement

11:00: Handwashing/Potty Time/Lunch

11:30: Outdoor/Gross Motor Time

12:00-2:00: Nap Time

1:45: Enrichment (Yoga, Language, Visual Arts, No Bake Cooking, and Science)

2:15: Afternoon Snack

2:45: Outdoor/Gross Motor Time

3:15: Dismissal

Indoor Activities & Things To Do For Kids Stuck At Home, Amazon Kindergarten Preschool Kids Workbooks, Helena of Brooklyn BlondeThese are some of the books I got: Little Thinkers Kindergarten Workbook, Big Kindergarten Workbook, Preschool Math Workbook, Paint By Sticker Kids “Zoo Animals”, Carry & Go Drawing Stencils Set

Here’s a list of activities and helpful learning links:

Take a virtual field trip to the zoo! Here’s the list from offering zoos around the country.

Practice handwriting by writing name and phone number.

Bake a recipe together; teaches science with ingredients, following directions, math, attention to detail & fine motor skills. This homemade soft pretzel recipe is an easy, delicious one to start with.

Give all the toys baths.

Epic! – app that reads stories out loud.

Reorganize playroom together to rediscover old toys.

KiwiCo Crate Box subscription.

Brain Quest Workbooks – filled with hundreds of curriculum-based activities, exercises and games in every subject; reinforces what kids are learning in the classroom.

Sensory bins: throw random toys in a bin filled with rice. There are so many on Pinterest.

Teach about chores; make a fun poster board schedule with sticker-reward system.

Puzzles + board games. Some of our favorites include: Petit Collage. We own a few and love them. We also love this map of Europe and this one from Janod. 

Gardening Project; paint pots to plant seeds in & watch them grow.

[Get Them Moving]

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Dance parties to let off steam and energy.

GoNoodle a program “that gets kids moving to be their strongest, silliest, smartest selves”

Nature walks or visit an isolated beach/field.

Obé + Kidz Bop – offering 1 free month subscription for kids’ dance classes (use code athome or michelle100)

[Learning Links + Freebies]

Other Goose – offering 3 free weeks of homeschooling classes.

Keep their minds off the uncertainty with 25 screen-free activities that will get kids learning & laughing.

Scholastic Learn at Home Program – free online options for ages Pre-K through 6+.

Make being cooped up inside unforgettable with these 27 indoor activities.

Teachers Pay Teachers – free worksheets & resources.

15 things for kids to do when they say, “I’m bored.”

Entire list of education companies offering free subscriptions due to school closings.

IG Accounts To Follow:

These accounts have so much information on how to both educate and keep your kids entertained.