Ikea has a vegan ice cream in the making. A what? A soft ice cream without cow’s milk. Earlier, the Swedish home store already announced the vegetarian hotdog. But that does not mean that meat is banned.

, Next summer you can get the icecream from our vending machines at our locations, ” says the Swedish Vera Mertes of the Ikea food team. ,, A hundred percent vegetable ice cream. ” Several variants are still being tested in Swedish laboratories. “We do not yet know whether we are going to use oats, fruit or soya milk as a basis. And that can even differ per country. ”

It still requires a lot of research, Mertes continues. “It is especially difficult to get such an ice cream creamy, if you do not use cow’s milk.” Recently the AD in the Swedish Almhult already got a taste of the vegan ice cream, one based on fruit. And that tasted great. The idea is that the icecream will come to the Ikea branches worldwide, although it is already tested in the shop in Portugal.

The ice cream follows an earlier announcement at Ikea: the vegetarian hotdog. “We are already selling all the Dutch branches in August,” says Freya Frimannsdottir of the Ikea food team. More than a year, a hotdog team worked on the vegetarian version, which has now been included as a pilot on the menu in the Swedish Malmö branch. With as topping: spicy mustard and toasted onions. “He liked it so much that we did not adjust the recipe anymore.” And will the price remain the same in Dutch? “Yes, he may not be more expensive. We want people to make a choice for vegetable more often. ”

The well-known Ikeaballs also get a new variant: salmon balls. The vegetarian variant already existed. “We want to have less share in meat production,” says Frimannsdottir. “The more options we have, the more people can opt for fish or vegetarian. Do we ever go vegetarian? I do not know. That is up to the customers, what they choose. ”

Every year Ikea attracts 660 million customers worldwide, who often also visit the restaurant. “Of the youngest generation of customers, the millennials, ten percent is vegetarian and 26 percent eats less meat. We must therefore also go along with it ”, said Jacqueline Macalister of Ikea.
Space 10, Ikea’s research team, is working for the future to use insects as food, such as mealworms. Frimannsdottir: ,, But that is really still under development, let me say: for the future. No idea if that really will be in our stores. ”

By Sanne van der Kolk / This article was translated from Dutch read originall article posted on AD.nl