I Took Pictures Of My Neighbor With A Life-Size Cutout Of Chicago’s Mayor Lightfoot And People Can’t Stop Laughing About It

Last Friday, I was taking my daily afternoon nap when I received a phone call from my neighbor Jamie Dragisic screaming: “GG, SHE CAME!!!! GG, SHE CAME!!!” I couldn’t figure out what was going on, who came? what? “GG, SHE CAME, TURN ON YOUR FACETIME CAMERA.” And there she was— Chicago’s Mayor Lightfoot stuck to her front door window.

I had no idea that she ordered a life-size cardboard cutout. I jumped out of bed, told Jamie to take her off the window and to get dressed because we were going to do a photoshoot. I never planned to do it, never thought about it, until I saw her. And the idea was born right there, right then, in my bed. There was no way I was going back to sleep.

We did a few pictures that Friday and then took her on a car ride on Saturday. And now we have a photo series that is going viral all over Facebook and I hope you will have a good laugh, too.

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#1 Absorbing Vitamin D

#2 Jamie Got To Meet Her Idol—Mayor Lightfoot

#3 Watching President Trump On The News

#4 Getting Some Fresh Air

#5 No Kids Allowed

#6 Not Happy With Modelo, She Asked For Corona

#7 “Don’t Forget To Wash Your Hands, Jamie!”

#8 Collecting That Stimulus Check

#9 Road Trip

#10 Stay Home!!!

#11 Ran Out Of Toilet Paper

#12 Sick Of Cooking Every Day. Today’s Meniu—McDonald’s

#13 My Milkshake Brings All The Kids To The Yard…

Source: BoredPanda.com