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I Imagined What Would Happen If The Subjects Of Famous Paintings Had Cats (52 Pics)

Looking at historical artworks takes me right back to that time; I start daydreaming about that moment with the artist and his subject. What were they talking about? What did the artist leave out? How long was the subject sitting before their pets jumped into their lap for a cuddle?

I created these “reimagined” artworks using my cats, and the artwork I love and admire. We run a little TNR (trap-neuter-release) program in our neighborhood and kept these four kittens when they were trapped. They were difficult to tame but we fell in love with them as we got to know them!

I hope you enjoy what I came up with! I’m always interested in working with others’ pets too!

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#1 “Still Life With Crayfish” With Moochie, Alfred Hirv

#2 “Seminude” With Giorgio, Paul Raud

#3 “Elizabeth Stevens Carle” With Moochie, Joseph Wright Of Derby

#4 “Roman Girl At A Fountain” With Moochie, Léon Joseph Florentin Bonnat

#5 “Bubbles” With Moochie, Jean Siméon Chardin

#6 “Mother And Child” With Moochie, Peter Fendi

#7 “The Alchemist Discovering Phosphorus” With Moochie, Joseph Wright Of Derby

#8 “Portrait Of A Woman Reading” With Moochie, Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoy

#9 “Breton Girl Looking After Plants In The Hothouse” With Moochie, Anna Petersen

#10 “Knitter Asleep” With The Dumpling, Jean-Baptiste Greuze

#11 “Idle Woman” With Beezie, Daniel Hernández Morillo

#12 “Lady With A Lorgnette” With Giorgio, József Borsos

#13 “Die Lauscherin” With Beezie, Peter Fendi

#14 “A Harem Beauty” With Ginger Snap, Henri Guillaume Schlesinger

#15 “Unknown Man” With Baby Bee, John Downman

#16 “In The Garden” With Baby Bee, Elizabeth Jane Gardner Bouguereau

#17 “Le Repos” With Giorgio And Dumpling, Paul Peel

#18 “Girl With Cherries” With Baby Dumpling, Giovanni Ambrogio De Predis

#19 “Lilacs In A Window” With Giorgio, Mary Cassatt

#20 “Madame David” With Giorgio, Jacques Louis David

#21 “Young Maria De Medici” With Giorgio, Santi Di Tito

#22 “Wife Of Dr. Johann Stephan Reuss” With The Dumpling, Lucas Cranach The Elder

#23 “The Bath” With Beezie, Alfred Stevens

#24 “Portrait Of The Three Daughters Of Julius Johann Von Vieth Und Gossenau” With Lawrence, Anton Graff

#25 “Three Dancers In An Exercise Hall” And Moochie, Edgar Degas

#26 “Vanity” With Giorgio, Auguste Toulmouche

#27 “Desnudo Femenino” With Lawrence, J. Olive

#28 “Margaret, Countess Of Blessington” With Giorgio, Sir Thomas Lawrence

#29 “Business Transaction” With Giorgio, Isidor Kaufmann

#30 “Émilie Du Châtelet” With Moochie, Maurice Quentin De La Tour

#31 “Portrait Of A Lady” With Giorgio, Antonio Correggio

#32 “Portrait Of A Bearded Man From A Shrine” Holding A Chicken Leg For Giorgio

#33 “Garrick Reads Macbeth” With Moochie, Sir Nathaniel Dance-Holland

#34 “Baby Playing On The Floor” With Moochie, Thomas Eakins

#35 “Captain James Cook” And The Dumpling, Sir Nathaniel Dance-Holland

#36 “Elizabeth Trockmorton” With Moochie, Nicolas De Largillière

#37 “Sarah Bernhardt” With Moochie, Jules Bastien Lepage

#38 “The Meeting” With Outsie And Oopsie, Marie Bashkirtseff

#39 “Hazel In Rose And Grey” And Moochie, Sir John Lavery

#40 “Young Woman Braiding Her Hair” And Giorgio, Auguste Renoir

#41 Self Portrait With Baby Dumpling, Norah Neilson Gray

#42 “At The Moulin Rouge” With Moochie, Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec

#43 “Little Girl With Grapes” And Moochie, John Singleton Copley

#44 “Ghironda Player” With Moochie, Georges De La Tour

#45 “Miss Amelia Van Buren” With Lawrence, Thomas Eakins

#46 “Arrangement In Grey And Black, No.2: Portrait Of Thomas Carlyle” With The Dumpling, James Abbott Mcneill Whistler

#47 “Cottage Garden” With Dumpling, Gustav Klimt

#48 “Afternoon Tea” With Moochie, Richard Edward Miller

#49 “Catherine Augusta Lerber Sturler” With Giorgio, Jakob Emanuel Handmann

#50 “The Farewell Of Telemachus And Eucharis” With Moochie, Jacques Louis David

#51 “Children Burying A Bird” With Outsie, Julian Alden Weir

#52 “Lady With A Bouquet (Snowballs)” And Moochie, Charles Courtney Curran