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How to Change Your Hairstyle (Barber) in The Division 2

The Division 2 has officially released and you will be tasked with taking back Washington D.C. from hordes of vicious gangs. While most of your time will be spent liberating control points, killing gang members, or unlocking powerful perks, you’ll occasionally need to recruit different people to your cause. One of these citizens is Joshua Summers who’s a barber that allows the player to change their hairstyle, hair color, scars, and tattoos.

While you cannot directly change your appearance in The Division 2, recruiting Joshua allows users to alter some aspects of their look. You can only recruit Joshua Summers after you unlock The Campus settlement and completing a few missions for them. Once this is done, a prompt will appear over the settlement on the map that alerts users to Summers being available.

Just run up to Joshua and interact with him to unlock the barber back at The White House. You can now use the mirror – marked on your map by a pair of scissors – to alter your looks. When you enter The White House go into the hall and take a left. You’ll see the mirror in an alcove to the right. Keep in mind, changing any aspect of your character will cost money so make sure you know what you want. It cost me several hundred dollars to just alter my agent’s hair color and style.

Even though you cannot alter the physical look of your agent, this is a nice way to at least alter their style. Remember, you won’t unlock the Barber until you’re around level 15-16, so don’t expect to be changing your look right away.
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