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Here’s An Easy Way To Emulate A Useful Pro Tools Display Feature In Logic Pro X

I often hear Pro Tools users complain about Logic’s inability to display the length of a selected region. This is a feature necessary for editors working with sound design in post-production. It is a useful bit of information, always available in Pro Tools with a glance at the top of the window.

While Logic doesn’t display this information by default, it is relatively simple to enable the necessary settings to view this information, and more.

To start with, click on the View menu in the Tracks Area, and enable the Secondary Ruler view option. Logic users typically work in Bars & Beats view. This view option displays a secondary ruler with absolute time. If you are working with absolute time as your primary ruler display, this secondary ruler option enables a secondary ruler showing Bars & Beats.

Now there are two ways to display the information. If you want to see the start position and length of the selected region, long click on it. An info tag will appear, presenting the relevant information. As a bonus, the position and duration are displayed in both absolute time as well as bars & betas. Also, we see the track number and name in the info tag, as well.

The one potentially significant piece of information missing from this info tag, however, is the end position of the region. That is easily viewable by long clicking in the cycle range area of the bar ruler. First, use the key command Command + U to set the locators by region. Then long click in the cycle area for the more detailed info tag. Here you will see the left position, length, and right position, all presented in both bars and beats and absolute time values.

And in case you are wondering, the format of the absolute time display in these info tags is fully configurable. If you want to view the last field in frames, subframes, quarter frames, samples, milliseconds, they are all available in Logic’s Display Preferences pane.

So there you go. Another “Pro Tools can do this, how come Logic can’t” myth busted. Not only does Logic do it, but there is also additional info not displayed in Pro Tools.

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