A good mystery is always an intriguing story

A good mystery is always an intriguing story simply because of the element of the unexplained. Let’s take a look at some real life mysteries that have never been able to be explained.

1. Henry Lee Lucas

Henry Lee Lucas

Henry Lee Lucas was a self-confessed cereal killer. He turned himself in in Texas where he took credit for over hundreds of unsolved murders. It later came out that his confessions were bogus and his death sentence was changed to life in prison. Why he lied remains a mystery.

2. The Wow! Signal

wow sign

Jerry Ehman was trying to find signs of life on other planets in 1977 when he detected a signal that originated outside our solar system. Unfortunately the signal was never detected again. He wrote Wow on the print out which is where it got it’s name. In the infinite space of the universe we search for other beings and other life on different planets and solar systems. In an effort to locate other lifeforms we point large radio telescopes at different constellations. In 1977 a strong radio signal was received from the Sagittarious constellation. It showed the expected design of extraterrestrials, but was never proven of extraterrestiral design. It is still considered the best possible radio tranmission from extraterrestrials that the earth has ever received.

3. The Sodder Children

The Sodder Children

A fire in 1945 started in the home of the Sodder family in West Virginia that had nine children at the time of the incident. Four of the kids were able to escape but the other 5 disappeared without a trace. There were no remains found inside of the burnt house, and the mystery still remains unsolved.

4. The Taulas of Menorca

The Taulas of Menorca image: Wikipedia

These ancient megaliths are similar to those found at Stonehenge. They date back to sometime after 2000 BC and are found only on the island of Menorca. At least one archaeologist believes they were erected to measure the movement of the moon, but it’s unclear what they were for or how they were even built.

5. The Shepherd’s Gate Mystery

The Shepherd’s Gate Mystery

This 18th century monument is known as the Shepherd’s Gate. It is located in Staffordshire, England and has an inscription on it reading DOUOSVAVVM. To this day no one has been able to figure out what it means.

6. The Phoenix Lights

The Phoenix Lights image wikipeadia

Thousands of people in Phoenix Arizona reported seeing a mysteries series of lights in the sky on the night of March 13, 1997. Many of the people saw a triangular shape of lights that passed over the state, making no sound while blocking out the sky and stars behind it. The Air Force denied responsibility for the lights

7. The Patomskiy Crater

Patomskiy Crater – Discovered by Vadim Kolpakov, 1949

This giant crater is located in Siberia in the deep forest. The crater is estimated to be about 250 years old. The origin and cause of the crater is unknown but the leader of an expedition dies just before reaching the site which has led many to believe that the crater is evil.

8. The Oakville Blobs

The Oakville Blobs

These strange gelatin like blobs were found all over the town of Oakville, Washington on August 7, 1994. There were plenty of theories that arose regarding the substance, but no one has definitively been able to determine where they came from. The strangest part is that they fell from the sky.

9. The Eilean Mor Lighthouse

The Eilean Mor Lighthouse Mystery

In December of 1900, a lighthouse keeper named Joseph Moore was making his way to his new post on the island of Eilean Morvoff the coast of Scotland. When Moore arrived at the lighthouse the lighthouse and the entire island were empty. No storms had occurred recently and at least one of the keepers left the lighthouse without his coat. No one knows what happened to them to this day.

10. Rongorongo

Rongorongo is a writing system discovered on Easter Island.

This plaque with glyphs written all over it was discovered on Easter Island. The language has never been able to be deciphered even though they were discovered back in the 19th century. It is estimated that the writings were made anywhere between the 12 and 1600’s. According to the legend, the founders of the Rapanui civilization brought plants on the island. Along with these plants they also carried 67 tablets from their homeland.

However, there is no historical evidence that other Polynesian and South American civilizations have created a writing system,which was then exported to Easter Island.

11. The Bouvet Island Lifeboat

The Bouvet Island Lifeboat

Bouvet Island is off the coast of Antarctica and has no inhabitants due to the fact that plant life cannot grow there. A British expedition in 1964 however an abandoned lifeboat in a lagoon on the island, along with oars, wood, and a drum. The boat was in good condition, but no one could trace it back to any company or even any country. When they went back two years later, the boat and all the things with it had disappeared.

12. Helicopter Hieroglyphs

Helicopter Hieroglyphs

This carving seems to depict modern technology. Which include helicopters and other vessels which has led some people to believe that alien civilizations could have visited the Egyptians. Experts say that photographs of the carvings may have been retouched, causing key details to be removed.

13. Melungeons


French traders settling North America in the late 1600’s found a colony of people in Appalachia that looked like North Africans with dark olive skin and European features. The origin of this colony isn’t clear, but they spread throughout the Appalachian region and may be descended from Ottoman Turks. They were brought to the area as servants and abandoned.

14. DC-3 Airliner

DC-3 Airliner

A DC-3 aircraft with 32 people aboard disappeared on December 28, 1948 on its way to Miami. Air traffic controllers in New Orleans heard communications from the flight, which could indicate that it had drifted off-course. However the flight never arrived in Miami and the plane was never found.

15. Bimini Road

Bimini road image: http://earth-chronicles.com/

This underwater rock formation is located near North Bimini Island in the Bahamas and has long been said to be a man-made structure. A T.V. special featured the Bimini Road, and even found an entire second layer of square-cut rocks, lending credence to the theory that the structure was man-made by a mysterious civilization. The theory is heavily contested by many people today though.

16. D.B. Cooper

D.B.-Cooper image: FBI

D.B. Cooper is an unidentified man that hijacked an airplane between Portland and Seattle. He was reported to hold a plane hostage and negotiate a $200,000 cash settlement along with two parachutes, and no questions asked before landing. He directed the plane to fly to Mexico and asomewhere along the way strapped the cash to his body and exited the airplane with the parachutes. He was never found again.

17. Battle of Los Angeles

Battle of Los Angeles

In early 1942 after the United States had entered World War II air raid sirens lead to anti aircraft guns shooting at what they suspected was a Japanese attack. Guns shot at lights in the sky for a full night and were never able to confirm any enemy engagements. To this day everyone is uncertain what they were shooting at.

18. Oak Island

Oak Island

Oak Island is an island in Novia Scotia that is reported to hold buried treasure. It is also known as the money pit, as many people have invested in searching for treasure and have failed. To this day no treasure has been found, but there are indications of some sort of human involvement.

19. The Antikythera Mechanism

The Antikythera Mechanism

The Antikythera Mechanism is an ancient computer. It is a computer that predicts astronomical events. It is not known where this device came from or how the technology would have existed at the time. The Antikythera mechanism (/ˌæntᵻkᵻˈθiːrə/ ANT-i-ki-THEER-ə or /ˌæntᵻˈkɪθərə/ ANT-i-KITH-ə-rə) is an ancient analogue computer[and orrery used to predict astronomical positions and eclipses for calendrical and astrological purposes,[as well as a four-year cycle of athletic games that was similar to, but not identical to, an Olympiad, the cycle of the ancient Olympic Games.

20. The Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich Manuscript is an illustrated codex that has never been solved by humans. It is an unknown writing system that has been dated to the early 15th century. Wilfred M. Voynich, a rare-book dealer based in London, purchased a cache of medieval manuscripts from the Jesuit order in 1912. The transaction was conducted in secret. Its details remain unclear.

The books Voynich acquired came from a collection of 380 manuscripts, mostly 15th-century humanist and classical works, that the Jesuits had earmarked for sale to the Vatican Library. Voynich’s trove included several prized volumes that he sold for tidy sums to American institutions, such as the Morgan Library, the University of Chicago, Princeton University, and Yale University.

21. The Baghdad Battery

The Baghdad Battery

The timeworn battery found in the Baghdad Museum, along with those which were discovered in Iraq, are all dated from the time of the Parthian occupation between 248 BCE and 226 CE. Nonetheless, Dr. Konig also discovered copper pots coated with silver in the Baghdad Museum, dating back to at least 2500 BC.
A few years ago, a theory was proposed revealing that electrolyte-crushed wine grapes may have been used for these ancient batteries. And so it was put to the test with a positive result – a replica of the Baghdad cell generated 0.87V. Thus, for electroplating small objects only several cells in serial arrangement were sufficient.

It also appears that the use of similar batteries can be safely allotted into ancient Egypt, where several objects with traces of electroplated precious metals have been found at different locations.

The Baghdad Battery

The Baghdad Battery was from 250 BC and was an ancient model of a modern battery. It contained terra cota pots with copper tubing in the inside to store energy. It is uncertain how this technology was implemented in 250 BC.

sources: Historical Guru and Fitavation