Fruit diet : ‘We do not brush our teeth anymore’

Tina Stokolska (39) en Simon Beun (26) © Instagram: fit_shortie_eats

Flemish Simon (26) and Polish Tina (39) have been eating nothing but fruit for three years. The couple travels around the world looking for new fruits to expand their menu. And such a diet has, in its own words, some remarkable advantages.

It is December 2013. The Polish interior designer Tina Stoklosa has been struggling with obesity for years and wants to lose several kilos in the run-up to the holidays. While searching for recipes for tasty vegetable smoothies, she hits the fruititarian movement: a group of people who eat nothing but fruit.

In a frantic attempt to lose several kilos, she decides to give the diet a chance. “I’ve been overweight all my adult life”, she confesses to The Daily Mail. ,, I tried all the diets after which I repeatedly fell into the excessive eating of unhealthy things. The kilos kept tapping. I had to try something else. ”

She would try the diet for a week as a detox for the holidays. And that was not that bad. ,, I felt great that week, “she says now. “Light, optimistic, even a bit high. It was as if I was walking thirty centimeters above the ground. I seemed in love with everything around me. ”

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Satisfied with her first week of dieting, she decides to continue her fruity lifestyle. She never wants to relapse into ‘normal food’, but that is easier said than done. During the first two years she gives several times to the temptations of the western food industry. More than a hundred times, she convinces herself by the many eateries in Warsaw.

30 bananas per day

In 2015 she is falling and getting up again and she makes a drastic decision: she leaves Poland behind and goes to look for happiness on the paradise Bali. In the home of the exotic fruit she wants to dedicate her life to searching for and eating unique and rare fruits.

Her body has also clearly changed with her new lifestyle. Where the scale indicated 83 kilograms in 2013, it weighs only 51 years later. The extreme diet is therefore paying off.

(The almost unrecognizable) Tina in 2012 before she started her fruit diet. © Instagram


Love for fruit and each other

Proud of the life she leads, Tina creates an Instagram profile. Here she shows the world which unique fruits she encounters in Bali. One of her many followers is the Fleming Simon Beun. The blonde twenties from Izegem becomes fascinated by her lifestyle and decides to try it herself.

The two send some messages back and forth and after six months of talking, Simon himself goes to Bali to meet Tina in live bodies. In addition to their love for fruit, they also seem to have a love for each other. The spark turns over and Simon decides to stay in Indonesia.


Never brush your teeth again

Today, Tina and Simon live together in Bali. Meanwhile, they are engaged and search together for Southeast Asia in search of fascinating fruit varieties. On Instagram and YouTube they report on their travels and discoveries. They hope to convince as many people as possible of their special lifestyle.

In their own words, the positive effects are numerous. In addition to weight loss, a fruit diet also helps cure depressions, chronic diseases and cancer. However, there is no scientific evidence for this. In addition, as a fruit tanger you should never brush your teeth again. According to the couple, the fruits do that in your place.

If there is never even deviated from the diet? Of course! Twice a year the couple treats themselves to a dinner in a vegan restaurant that only serves raw food. A steak is certainly not there, but some cereals and vegetables perhaps.


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