Reverb is the place to buy and sell just about anything that is music related. It started out as a platform to sell vintage guitars as an alternative to ebay without the seller headaches of knowing a minimum amount of html code to make a decent looking listing and the noise floor of a selling platform built for everything from fishhooks to cars. The concept soon exploded and became a choice worldwide platform for music instrument retailers, the core vintage sellers and those of us with too much stuff in Madison Square Basement or our modest 12 square foot pedalboards.

Recently, Reverb added 2 new segments: LP and software. LP is obviously a microsite with a slew of vinyl LP’s while Software concentrates on any and all aspects of music software. This of course, is very much in harmony with our world of Logic Pro X and I would encourage you to go take a look at the offerings. Reverb’s software section does have an assortment of freebie offerings much like several other sites that curate links or downloads with an additional major bonus that is of particular interest.

Reverb’s team also create some of their own exclusive content. The key is to commit a bit of time to mine their site for things you can use. Many of these offerings may be just a few patches for a small group of softsynths or plug-ins. I decided to try out a few things and ended up with quite a few keepers, a few patches for DiscoDSP’s great freebie OBXD and some of my purchases; U-HE’s Repro, an artist bank for Softubes’ Weiss emulation and a good number of patches for Audiothing Outer Space. Some of these patches are bundled as a bank to recreate the sounds of a particular artist or one of their hit records (as well as links where one may find the original hardware for sale), while others are listed on a per plug-in basis. As this is a new platform, one can only expect that the offerings will grow over time.

There doesn’t seem to be a direct link to this little treasure chest so I just searched for “software” and then set the maximum price to $1 and boom, over 500 items…

Free is always great and a great distraction when one is depressed by a $250,000 59’ Sunburst Les Paul seller’s unwillingness to include the shipping or accept counter offers.
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