Former Dream Users Seek New Home in Wall Street Market

With a wave of new users coming from Dream Market, Wall Street Market struggles to complete the increasing amount of orders.

As Dream Market prepares to shut down at the end of this month, darknet users are seeking urgent solutions.

The second largest darknet marketplace, Wall Street Market, is taking a flood of new users—aiming to become the go-to place for vendors and buyers.

Meanwhile, paranoia is strongly afflicting the world of the dark web since the string of recent high-profile busts and the integrity of every marketplace is under question.

Dream’s Fate

Existing for six years, it is needless to say Dream Market has been one of the biggest and most well known darknet markets.

Not only was it famous for the great number of vendors and buyers, but Dream was also known for being one of the most secure darknet markets.

Throughout the years, we have seen many cases that remain unsolved due to the security Dream Market provides its users.

One of these yet-to-be-identified individuals is the notorious Dream Market vendor who made headlines earlier this year for selling multiple batches of stolen data belonging to several websites.

However, in late March, the news about the Dream Market’s shutdown spread like a wildfire.

The market’s moderators made an unexpected announcement stating the market will be officially closed on April 30. That is when the wave of speculation started to flow around.

Back when the news first broke, it was theorized that the police has been running the website for quite a while now, taking the time to collect as much incriminating evidence as possible.

Due to such concerns, Dream Market’s users rushed to find an alternative for their once-preferred marketplace.

For the remaining big markets such as Wall Street and Tochka, this was the perfect opportunity.

Marketplaces started profiting from Dream’s collapse, so there is no wonder why some of the websites struggled to process the number of new orders.

Soon after the shutdown was disclosed, Dream’s users found comfort in Wall Street Market.

Unable to process all of the new orders, the administrators of Wall Street Market informed the public about the issues.

A notice was posted on the site, warning that input detection, address generation, signing messages, and several other processes would take longer than usual.


Dissimilar to Dream Market, Wall Street Market does not support deposit addresses.

This means that those who are actually going to make purchases on the market will be required to send funds straight to a two-of-three Multi-Sig from their personal wallets.

For added security, Wall Street users can take advantage of PGP login, and the payments can be done with either Monero or Bitcoin.

Unlike Dream, Wall Street Market has a much shorter count of listings and vendors, and as we could see, the market had trouble processing the first orders.

These two features combined could have been damaging for the marketplace. Therefore, changes were due.

As of now, Wall Street Market functions properly and there are no immediate signs of instability, so we assume the problems were addressed properly.

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