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Finally Stop the Plugin Menu Diving With This Amazing App For Logic Pro X – PlugSearch by SpeakerFood

No matter the DAW, we all have a “wishlist” of dream features we’d love to see come true in our DAW of choice.

In the case of Logic, the list might range from a successor to the EXS24 to Live Looping functions ala Ableton and Garageband iOS. We all have something we’re crossing our fingers for.

One wish that’s quickly risen to the top has been text-based searching for plugins in Logic. The benefits are obvious. Instead of deep-diving through lists of hundreds of plugins for the proverbial needle in the haystack, a simple text box you can type your desired plugin into would be a welcomed addition.

Upstart developer Speakerfood has decided to solve the plugin search problem. And they solve it brilliantly with the Logic-centric app PlugSearch.

In a nutshell: PlugSearch is an application that runs in the background and comes to life when you Control-Click or Option-Click an empty Audio Units slot on a Logic Channel Strip.

Control-clicking an empty slot reveals a new plugin menu with a text-based search function:

  • You type in the name of the plugin you’re thinking of

  • PlugSearch sorts through your available plugins and promotes your desired plugin to the top of the list

  • You click Return to select the plugin

And from there PlugSearch executes an automated sequence to select your chosen plugin.

When you hold Option and click an empty plugin slot, PlugSearch’s focus shifts:

  • Option-clicking a Stereo Channel Strip will instantiate a Dual-Mono instance of a plugin

  • Option-Clicking a Mono Channel Strip will instantiate an available Mono > Stereo instance of a plugin

No doubt about it, PlugSearch fills a massive need for Logic users. At $15 USD, the time PlugSearch will save is well worth the investment!

Try out PlugSearch from Speakerfood today!