Fellow Traveller Reveals Three New Game Trailers During The Week

Over the weekend with all of the video game live streams happening, publisher Fellow Traveller dropped three new trailers. The three games we got a better look at this weekend were Genesis Noir, Suzerain, and Paradise Killer. We have all three of them below along with more info on each game. All of them look pretty awesome, but we must admit, Genesis Noir is looking like the one we want to explore the most. All three will be getting more in-depth talks and reveals this week during the Summer Games Festival between June 16th-18th.

A glimpse into Genesis Noir, courtesy of Fellow Traveller
A glimpse into Genesis Noir, courtesy of Fellow Traveller

Paradise Killer
Paradise is an island that regenerates every few millennia. The psychic power that the alien worshipers within release into the universe is meant to feed and eventually resurrect their fallen deities. But this force also attracts undesired interest from demons, who eventually corrupt each island — until a new alternate reality is birthed by the Council. The system isn’t perfect, but it will be one day — on Perfect 25, the next island-to-be. But on the eve of rebirth, the Council is murdered and Paradise is killed. In the aftermath, the “investigation freak” Lady Love Dies is summoned from exile to find the culprit. This is the crime to end all crimes. What are the facts? What are the truths? Are they the same?

Genesis Noir
You play as No Man, a watch peddler caught in a love triangle with other cosmic beings, Miss Mass and Golden Boy. When your affair turns into a bitter confrontation, you will witness a gunshot fired by a jealous god—otherwise known as The Big Bang. Jump into the expanding universe and search for a way to prevent or destroy creation and save your love.

As President Anton Rayne, lead Sordland into ruin or repair in your first term. Navigate a political drama, driven by conversations with your cabinet members and other significant figures in a country with its own complicated history. Beware or embrace corruption; shirk or uphold ideals. In 1954, the country of Sordland is emerging from a 20-year dictatorship, following a bloody civil war. You play as a charismatic young man, Anton Rayne, who has surprised everyone by rising to the top of the party in power and getting elected as the new President of Sordland. The people are hungry for democratic reforms after decades under a traditionalist power. The economy is in shambles and the political landscape is shifting. Neighboring superpowers are watching closely, and there are military threats on the horizon. Can you pull the country out of its recession? Will you meet the demands of your people for reform? The future of Sordland depends on your choices. Good luck, Mr. President.

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