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Feast Your Eyes On The 30 Incredible Winning Shots For The 2020 UK Landscape Photographer Of The Year Contest

Most of us would probably agree that living through these difficult times, it’s quite easy to forget how spectacular and mesmerizing the world we live in truly is. Luckily, we’ve got a lot of talented artists and annual photography contests, such as the Landscape Photographer of the Year competition, that do a very good job of reminding us of all these things.

For the 13th time, this year’s Landscape Photographer of the Year competition invited both professional and amateur photographers to celebrate the mesmerizing landscape of the United Kingdom. The contest has four categories as well as the youth competition for photographers aged 18 or under. The winner of the whole contest gets awarded the prestigious title “Landscape Photographer of the Year 2020” and £10,000. In addition, there are also prizes of £1000 and £500 for the images judged the best and second-best in each of four categories. The best photographer in the youth competition becomes the “Young Landscape Photographer of the Year 2020” and wins £1,000.

With that being said, Bored Panda invites you to look through some of the most spectacular shots from the Landscape Photographer of the Year competition 2020.

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#1 Your View Winner: Aleks Gjika, ‘Drama At The Lighthouse’, Wales

Image credits: Aleks Gjika

#2 Your View Commended: Michael Johnston, ‘Beech Tree Avenue’, Aberdeenshire

Image credits: Michael Johnston

#3 Black And White Commended: David Kidwell, ‘Tree In Stythwaite Meadow’, Cumbria

Image credits: David Kidwell

#4 Changing Landscapes Runner Up: Wesley Chambers, ‘The Cloud Factory’, Derbyshire

Image credits: Wesley Chambers

#5 Youth Lpoty Winner: Joshua Elphick, ‘Counting Sheep’, Sussex

Image credits: Joshua Elphick

#6 Black And White Winner: Neil Burnell, ‘Fantasy’, Devon

Image credits: Neil Burnell

#7 Black And White Commended: Jamie Williamson, ‘Shaped By Wind And Wave’, North Ayrshire

Image credits: Jamie Williamson

#8 Your View Commended: Peter North, ‘Deer In Dawn Mist’, Hertfordshire

Image credits: Peter North

#9 Historic Britain Commended: Gavin Crozier, ‘Kilchurn Castle’, The Highlands

Image credits: Gavin Crozier

#10 Black And White Commended: Tim Walton, ‘Strabeg Bothy’, Highland

Image credits: Tim Walton

#11 Your View Commended: Adrian Mills, ‘West Pier Starlings’, East Sussex

Image credits: Adrian Mills

#12 Your View Commended: Ross Hoddinott, ‘White And Warm’, Devon

Image credits: Ross Hoddinott

#13 Your View Commended: Will Milner, ‘Mirkwood’, Buckinghamshire

Image credits: Will Milner

#14 Black And White Commended: Alan Storey, ‘Fog On The Tyne’, Tyne And Wear

Image credits: Alan Storey

#15 Changing Landscapes Commended: John Hayward, ‘Ironbridge Cooling Towers Demolition’, Shropshire

Image credits: John Hayward

#16 Classic View Commended: Drew Buckley, ‘Sugarloaf’, Brecon Beacons

Image credits: Drew Buckley

#17 Urban Life Winner: George Robertson, ‘Got You’, Glasgow

Image credits: George Robertson

#18 Urban Life Commended: Amanda Cook, ‘The Bellow At Kingston’, London

Image credits: Amanda Cook

#19 Classic View Runner Up: Miguel Pilgrim, ‘Seven Sisters Cliffs,’ East Sussex

Image credits: Miguel Pilgrim

#20 Your View Commended: Gary Waidson, ‘Castlerigg Circle Of Light’, Cumbria

Image credits: Gary Waidson

#21 Black And White Commended: Frans Van Hoogstraten, ‘Totternish Ridge’, Isle Of Skye

Image credits: Frans van Hoogstraten

#22 Classic View Highly Commended: Chris Gorman, ‘Majestic Winter’, Highland

Image credits: Chris Gorman

#23 Classic View Commended: David Andrews, ‘Herringfleet Frosty Sunrise’, Suffolk

Image credits: David Andrews

#24 Classic View Commended: Neil Burnell, ‘Pillars’, Devon

Image credits: Neil Burnell

#25 Your View Commended: Daniel Kenealy, ‘Good Morning Buachaille Etive Mòr’, The Highlands

Image credits: Daniel Kenealy

#26 Historic Britain Winner: Graham Mackay, ‘Wallace Monument From The Banks Of The Forth’, Stirlingshire

Image credits: Graham Mackay

#27 Classic View Commended: Mark Whitmarsh, ‘Misty Sunrise, Colmer’s Hill’, Dorset

Image credits: Mark Whitmarsh

#28 Black And White Commended: Tracey Whitefoot, ‘Winter Sketch’, Nottinghamshire

Image credits: Tracey Whitefoot

#29 Classic View Winner: Leigh Dorey, ‘ Roman Road’, Dorset

Image credits: Leigh Dorey

#30 Black And White Commended: Graham Norton, ‘Lonely Walk’, Berkshire

Image credits: Graham Norton

Source: BoredPanda