F1 2018

F1 2018 shows only a limited number of changes on the track itself, although there are improvements in the field of realism and the attacking skills of the AI.

With the many different Championships and the new way of protecting your R & D in Career Mode, Codemasters adds new elements outside of the track, making F1 2018 all in all well done. That the game has fewer bugs than its predecessors is obviously nice.

The same applies to the fact that the game, like its predecessor, can also be played smoothly with a controller. We are still waiting for the next big step in the visual field, which could possibly be set by the introduction of virtual reality, but Codemasters does not want to use this game anyway. F1 2018 offers sufficient progress compared to F1 2017 to justify a switch.

However, there will be a moment when Codemasters will have to come up with a really big innovation.

F1 2018 – Official Gameplay Trailer