Eventide has released the SP2016 reverb, based on their hardware model released in the 80’s. The hardware unit was one of pro audio’s first rack-mount multi-effects processors and was much loved by celebrity engineers going back to 1982. This newly released plug-in version features three distinct room types. Room, stereo room, and plate. Each is available in two different versions. Vintage and modern. To me, they are so different sounding, that it is like having six separate fantastic sounding algorithms to choose from.

A nice feature that makes this reverb plug-in unique is the position control, which basically shifts the perception of the modeled space from front to back. The pre-delay also goes up to a full second; which allows for some nice slow rhythmically timed offsets. The decay time goes looooonnng. So this is great for sound design as well as short great sounding drum rooms and medium length vocal plates. There is also a nice simple two-band EQ. The high band attenuates only, while the low band can cut up to 8 dB and boost up to 4db.

There are a ton of celebrity presets to get you started. But the controls are so intuitive, you’ll be dialing in your own sounds in no time.

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