Earn Close to $1,000 per Month as a Weed-Testing Intern

Not all internships are the same. Some involve working for an exciting company or organization…but only getting to stuff envelopes or update email lists. Others don’t have a flashy title or brand association, but gives you plenty of hand-on experience you can actually use.

But a new internship opportunity doesn’t fall into either category. Instead of organizing old files, this one involves testing a variety of weed products, and pays almost $1,000 per month. Here’s what to know.

What the internship entails

Cannabis delivery service Emjay is hiring a summer intern to review every single product offering on their website. This is not a joke, nor a drill. The internship will last for three months, and include the following, according to a blog post on the company’s website:

This person will be responsible for writing descriptive, unique, and creative copy and reviews about a wide array of cannabis products. Edibles, vapes, flower, and more—the types of products will run the spectrum. The person in this role should understand cannabis culture, what makes consumers tick, and be able to describe Emjay’s ever-evolving menu of product offerings.

How much does it pay?

When Thrillist first broke the news of the internship on June 1st, it was advertised as paying $1,000 per month. Then, three days later, Emjay came out with their own blog post about the position that doesn’t mention the $1,000 monthly salary. Instead, it says that the job pays $15/hour for up to 16 hours per week—meaning that if someone worked the maximum 64 hours each month, they’d earn $960 (which, in fairness, is pretty close to $1,000).

The Monday-Friday position does not come with traditional benefits like health insurance, but does include an employee discount, and the ability to work on a flexible schedule.

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