DS Thorn’s Harmonic Filter Isn’t Like A Standard Synth Filter. Find Our What It Does and How it Sounds – Free Tutorial

In this free video tutorial, brought to you with the support of Plugin Alliance, Production Expert team member Julian Rodgers continues his look at DS Thorn. A very capable synthesizer plug-in which offers a wealth of sequencing and arpeggiation options with comprehensive modulation and effects. In this second look Julian turns his attention to the filters, including the clever Harmonic Filter.

Harmonic Filter

The conventional filters offer the familiar LP, HP and BP options in a variety of flavours and while these manipulate the harmonics generated by the oscillators, the Harmonic Filter is an interesting Partial filter which allows similar direct control over the level and phase of the harmonics as found in the oscillators only this allows control over 8192 harmonics instead of the 128 found in the oscillators. Because of this the response of the Harmonic filter can be tilted and scaled and these parameters can be modulated giving access to unique timbres.

The original article  was published at Pro-tools-expert.com