Dark Web: Europol Arrests 235 Alleged Buyers of Counterfeit Money

Law enforcement officials in Europe have been working on attempts to stop the trade of counterfeit money in the region. Earlier this month, Europol agents conducted search warrants on approximately 300 houses. This led to the detention of 235 suspects from 13 countries. This operation has been taking place since November 19. However, the authorities succeeded in stopping most of these offenses between December 3 and 9.

In May 2013, Europol started an operation to track down illegal activity taking place on the dark web. The organization announced that it would be working with other European authorities to conduct the crackdown.

E.U. Countries Collaborate

In the recent home searches, officers confiscated around 1,500 fake euro banknotes.

They also seized mobile phones, Bitcoin funds, hardware for cryptocurrency mining and computers.

Some of these suspects further had custody of a variety of weapons including nunchaku, illicit knives and blades, as well as firearms.

In Germany, the authorities found some of their suspects in possession of marijuana-planting facilities, while the France police uncovered a cannabis plantation and a printing shop for counterfeit euro money.

Germany, which has experienced a dramatic rise in counterfeit money crimes in recent years, conducted the most house searches among the European countries.

The German law enforcement officers searched about 180 houses. France searched 28 homes, while Austria and Italy had 20 searches.

The other countries that took part in the house searches include the U.K., the Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland, Finland, Portugal, Croatia, Cyprus and Spain.Read full Dark Web News.