Dancing Revolutionary Musical Extravaganza (Seriously You Need To See This)


By Luke Miller Truth Theory

Today I attended what can only be described as one of the best experiences of my life, as I got out of bed at 5am put on my Lauryn Hill CD and got ready to party I have to be honest I was kind of expecting it to be this good, but it actually ended up being a little better than I had envisioned!

I am talking about Morning Gloryville, an event many of my lovely tribe have been encouraging me to come to for quite some time, and after this experience I have to be honest I may struggle to miss one in the future.

I arrived at 6:25am (5 minutes early) anxiously waiting to get in and cut some shapes (dance) I was greeted by a hug from one of their resident angels, asked for my name by the happiest ticket distributer i have ever met, while in the background a new school acoustic version of jingle bells played as another guy beat boxed. I noticed the bouncer was hugging people and as I went up the stairs and entered the dance floor I was hugged a further 2 times, by a couple more beautiful people (they are big on hugs).

I went upstairs covered myself in glitter, drank ceremonial grade cacao (2 cups) and got ready to dance. The music was awesome, it as mainly house music and kind it of reminded me of when I used to go out and party when I was a little younger. The difference between this event and the ones I used to attend was the lack of drink and drugs, and the result drink, drugs and music has on at least some portion of the night time ravers.

The amount of love in the room was something that you cannot put down in an article, as the first few tracks ran and the cacao kicked in I was bumped into by a giant avocado (a person dressed as one) and then a lovely small child with giant earphones on started to dance with me. To be fair, apart from a few toilet breaks mostly I just danced from 6:30am to a little after the scheduled finish of 11:30am (around 11:50am)

But had I wanted to there was plenty of other stuff to get involved in- I did get glittered up (donation based), next to the glitter station there was some kind of art they were creating, not sure exactly what it was. On the other side they had about 8 Yoga mats where people were performing all kinds of acrobatics, stretches and yoga.

They had a few raw food stalls, which I went to at the end of the event, cacao and a massage station (which I am regretting not visiting). The event was very child friendly (I may bring my son next time), there was access for the disabled as there were a few wheelchairs on the dance floor. There was even a main stage for anyone who was brave enough to do their moves in front of the whole group.

It ended beautifully with a group circle in which everyone joined together and a few words and breathing exercises were shared by a human unicorn (no joke), we then all ran to the centre and were asked to freeze on the human unicorns instructions. For some reason I opted to stand on one leg, nearly falling a few times. That was followed by a group hug of a few hundred people. It was beautiful!

I then spoke briefly with a few people and on my exit was called to join a lovely lady who I know from outside of this event to perform with her, she was doing acoustics and singing, and asked me to perform a poem, so I did this to a small group. This was followed by the most strange conversation I think I have ever had in my life about masculine and feminine bricks (don’t ask).

It was during this event (and in a lot more depth after) that I thought to myself- if we all done this once a week that war would disappear, everyone would share and our fear based system would fade out of existence, however I think this is perhaps an article for another day. I don’t usually write about events I attend, however this was an exception! I would give it an 11 out of 10 and if anyone feels the urge to attend cancel all other engagements and do so (even if it means coming from halfway across the world).

One critique- I would like to do it for 24 hours straight, charged up on a litre of cacao! But apart from that it was perfect! Morning Gloryville has just become my new favorite event, so please feel free to come down next time, would be great to see you there!

You can follow their latest campaign they are running here

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Much love to you all, Luke

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