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Matt And Kim: How To Go Outside And Not Die

efore they were Matt and Kim, the pop duo known for ecstatic live shows and inventive music videos, they were Kim Schifino and Matt Johnson, two art students at the Pratt Institute in New York. At The Pageant in St….

Pencilbrain Records Releases

Pencilbrain Records is an independent record label and platform for artists of all genres, based in New Haven, CT USA and Amsterdam, The Netherlands Pencilbrain – Snake a Sneak Z.T.Tosha the man behind Dutch/USA/Austrian outfit Pencilbrain, founded the collective of…

Transforming Noise Into Music | Jackson Jhin | TEDxUND

Deconstructing what it is that makes music music, Notre Dame student Jackson Jhin uses both sound and imagery to explore the delicate balance between predictability and variability that makes the human ear (and brain) interpret harmonies as appealing—and dissonance as…