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Ciaran Scannell proposes,fantastical world in London’s HS2 railway tunnels

Graduate shows 2016: the UK’s high-speed railway network could incorporate an underground swimming pool, museum and concert hall, suggests Royal College of Art graduate Ciaran Scannell. Scannell has designed a one-kilometre extension to the proposed HS2 railway network that aims…


Amalgamma: A New Way To Concrete Architecture 3-D Printing

  A group of Masters students from the Bartlett School of Architecture has developed a new method for 3D printing concrete that combines two existing 3D printing methods, extrusion and powder bed printing, to 3D print large and structurally sound…


Confrontation and Disruption in a New Exhibition by Chinese-American Artist Xiaoze Xie

In his latest exhibition, “Confrontation and Disruption,” Chinese American artist Xiaoze Xie invites his audience to explore a fresh reading of time and memory mixed with a powerful reflection on global concerns. Xie tackles street confrontations with the police, refugees,…