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“It Makes One Speechless”: 350 Sculptures Invoke First Enslaved Africans

SAN FRANCISCO — On a recent Friday morning, Dana King drove across the Bay Bridge from her home in Oakland to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park to check on “Monumental Reckoning,” 350 sculptures she created to represent the first Africans…


An Indigenous Perspective on Frida Kahlo

In 2019, I visited the bustling Casa Azul, Frida Kahlo’s colorful home-turned-museum. As a cultural worker and frequent museum goer, I was excited to enter this shrine for Kahlo lovers. As a full-blooded Purépecha woman, however, I felt out of…


A Staggering New Play Creates Space for Black Interiority and Grief

Part movement theater, part immersive workshop, Aleshea Harris’s What to Send Up When It Goes Down poignantly exemplifies the integration of a social justice model in theatrical performance. Originally staged for the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, the play was moved to…

With NFTs the art market goes crypto

ZT Tosha NFT Art NTFs open up groundbreaking possibilities for selling digital artwork as authenticated files. Here’s what designers need to know. On May 1st, 2007, the artist and designer Mike Winkelmann — better known as Beeple — decided to…


“Washing Their Hands With Our Blood”: Activists on MoMA Trustee’s Dominican Republic Gold Mine

On the warm Friday afternoon of June 4, the neighborhood of Astoria in Queens, New York was humming with life. Families were out on the streets, the local fish market was brimming with customers, and young people sipped from iced…


The Journey Behind Liza Lou’s Behemoth Beaded Kitchen

At gatherings, guests tend to gravitate towards the glow and buzz of the kitchen. Similarly, ever since its first exhibition in 1996, Liza Lou’s “Kitchen,” a shimmering sculptural installation depicting a life-sized kitchen completely coated in millions of tiny, shiny,…