Two Women in a Man’s Art World

Marcia Marcus, “Self Portrait as Athena” (1973), oil and gold leaf on canvas, 58 x 36 inches, © 2019 Marcia Marcus, New York (courtesy Eric Firestone Gallery) I was reminded of the phrase, Other Traditions (2001), the collective title John Ashbery gave to the publication of his six Charles Eliot Continue Reading

Post Hoc, a litany of obsolete inventions and phenomena

Defunct television channels, destroyed artworks, missing aircraft, cancelled military projects, former nations, extinct birds, list of sinkholes, discontinued burial techniques, tornadoes, failed banks, discontinued fragrances, obsolete aeronautical machines, etc. This year, the New Zealand pavilion at the Venice Art Biennale will feature lists of inventions, life forms, phenomena and “things” Continue Reading