Creating compelling chord charts is not something limited to the select few Logic gurus blessed with score editor chops. You don’t need to be a notation expert to put together nice looking lead sheets.

Clicking randomly in the score window in frustration isn’t necessary. Follow these few steps and you’ll be typing in complex chord symbols before you know it.

Choose the Pencil Tool in the Tracks area to create an empty region to host your lead sheet. Click N to go into the Score Editor. I prefer working in Page View for this sort of entry.

Check that you have the Text tool selected as your Score Editor’s alternate tool. That, along with the Option key, and enabling the lyric checkbox in the Score Editor’s Inspector, allows you to enter text in Chord Mode.

Clean and aligned entry is easy when you use the Tab key to move your cursor position through the region. But don’t fret if you need to break the “tab – type chord – Tab” workflow and the chords aren’t all aligned after initially entering them. That is easily fixed with a couple of simple key commands.

Consult this short video I have put together showing my preferred workflow for all of this. And you’ll see that it doesn’t require a masters degree in music theory. You’ll be putting together compelling chord charts in no time.

This article was originally published at Logic Pro Expert.