Becker College Now Has an Apex Legends Scholarship Program

The latest esports-related college scholarship program to take note of in the U.S. comes from Becker College who are offering them for Apex Legends. The college has paired with Team Genji and Helix eSports to offer a one-time $5,000 scholarship to take part int heir program. You’re probably looking at that and thinking “$5k is pretty cheap”, and you’d be right. But think of it like this: Apex Legends is unproven. It’s been out less than two months and has yet to define a major esports circuit, let alone gained a big college footing. So they have no clue if it will pan out or be around as long as others like PUBG or Fortnite. But, when you’re a student, $5k is nothing to sneeze at, so there’s also plenty of gamers who are probably looking at that as a golden ticket just to be good at a video game. Here’s some of the details from their site in case you’re interested in applying.

credit//Respawn Entertainment

“Our goal is to give top Apex Legends players a unique chance to combine their talents with an education,” said Becker College Esports General Manager Timothy Loew. “As home to the first varsity esports program in Massachusetts and the first bachelor in esports management degree in the U.S., Becker is excited to shape the future of competitive gaming in partnership with two of esports’ leading brands: Genji and Helix.”

To be eligible for the one-time scholarship, current juniors and seniors in high school must register for recruiting with Team Genji starting on March 15th here. From there, players can improve their chances of earning the scholarship by attending Helix Esports Apex Legends Combine Tournament in New Jersey in early April, with attendees invited based on their Team Genji application. The full rules for the tournament are available on Helix’s website here.

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