Anonymous is going after global stock market. Promises to “make everyone rich”.

Anonymous promises to make everyone rich

Members of hacking collective, Anonymous, announced their new project, which is called Anonymous Trader.

Hackers posted that they found the way for stock price prediction system which has been used by billionaires like Donald Trump, David Rockefeller, Bush family and many others.

As Anonymous reports, stock price, dispatch system contains one main server, which sends data to the rest of stock price networks. Some of the planet’s richest people have a direct connection to the main server and they can see stock price changes minutes before they appear publicly. This way they can make stock price changes in the short term, but with a huge profit. Anonymous Trader does the exact same thing.

Anonymous has found a way to connect to main server completely anonymously. As hackers say, this connection can’t be detected and if they want to avoid it, they need to completely rebuild the stock server system which could take up to a week of downtime and cause loss of $643 billion.

Anonymous Trader allows every user to profit from this and they promise up to $1000 daily earnings for. System is available for free as they plan to redistribute worlds wealth in that way.

We managed to get a short interview with a member of team Anonymous:

How does this system work is it safe to use?

System works just like for Trump and other bastards all around the world. It knows stock price changes about 5 minutes before they appear publicly. It’s completely safe to use, because all connections are going through our servers.

Is Anonymous Trader free for end users?

Yes it’s completely free. As we promised when Rockefeller passed away, we will change the world.

How much users can earn?

Theoretically there is no limit, but currently our system is limited to a maximum of $1000 daily earnings for each user. This limit will help to keep the stock market from collapsing.

What actions are required from end users to earn money?

They just need to register in our system. It will randomly choose a broker for each client. All the trading part is completely auto-pilot, thanks to our system. Please note, once you register, broker may call you to discuss all the details. We works with regulated and trusted brokers, so your money is completely safe!


 Our junior reporter Stephen Mallack did a short test for Anonymous Trader, to see if it really works. To register in this system you need to fill your details in the Anonymous Trader registration form. Everything is straight forward – Name, e-mail address and phone number.

After registration, you are brought to Anonymous Trader dashboard. There is a demo version where you can test out how it works. To be able to earn, you need to deposit $250 into you brokers account. Some might wonder why they need to deposit, but that’s how trading works. You need to buy assets and sell them for a bigger price. The system knows which asset or currency to buy, so it can sell it some minutes later for a bigger price. Fun part is that it happens automatically. You can deposit with all major banks and credit cards.

Anonymous does not take a part in deposit process, it all happens via trusted brokers and their secure pages, so there is no chance someone could steal your credit card data.

After deposit you can start auto trading process. Stephen tried the auto trader for 3 hours and his starting capital of $250 had grown to $743.

At this moment we were quite sure that Anonymous Trader auto trading works as advertised, it’s time to check out how we can withdraw funds. The withdrawal process is pretty straight forward, just request withdrawal in the dashboard. You can choose a bank wire or direct credit card deposit. We have chosen the second and it took less than two hours and all of the $743 was in Stephen’s bank account, converted to euro. Best part is that during the withdrawal process broker automatically pays all taxes for you.

At the start, we couldn’t believe that this will work, but we can confirm that Anonymous Trader works great! Currently, many analysts believe that Anonymous will change world economy to improve the lives for poor and mid class people.

Click here to access Anonymous Trader