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Android gets new accessibility features, including Google Assistant-powered Action Blocks

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge
For Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Google is announcing a few updates to its suite of accessibility features for Android. The biggest one is the final, public release of Action Blocks. They let you create big, customized buttons for relatively complex actions like playing music or calling somebody — tasks that might be difficult for people with a cognitive disability. Google is also adding features to Live Transcribe, Bluetooth support to Sound Amplify, and better navigation options to Voice Access.

Each of these features could be critically important to a person with a disability, though they could be useful regardless. Action Blocks, in particular, could help you set up little Google Assistant macros to automate common things you’d normally have to use your voice for, like asking it to turn off all of the lights in your house.Read full article

Over 630 million people in the world have a cognitive disability. Enabled by the Google Assistant, Action Blocks is helping people simplify interactions on their Android phone. With a simple tap, Action Blocks lets you quickly message a family member, watch a movie, check your schedule for the day, and more. Google accessibility software engineer Ajit Narayanan and accessibility product manager Patrick Clary share more. Download the app on Google Play: