Ample Guitar Super Jumbo – The Most Comprehensive Acoustic Guitar Instrument From Ample Sound To Date

Super Jumbo.jpg

New from Ample Sound, Ample Guitar SJ (Super Jumbo), based on a Gibson Acoustic SJ-200 Vintage Custom Shop guitar, is there most comprehensive release yet. It combines all of the performance and tone shaping characteristics found throughout their other instruments.

Ample Guitar SJ is an 8.6 GB software instrument that runs on both Mac and Windows. Super Jumbo, among other things,  features their Riffer, which provides automatically generated customizable guitar riffs. These go way beyond simple MIDI files, and capture all the finger noises, nuances, release sounds, resonances, and fret noises found in real guitar recordings.

The Strummer section generates strummed guitar chords. They combine correct voicings with various articulations, including the ability to play legato articulations while strumming.  Humanization settings, along with customizable rhythms make this an extremely versatile tool.

There is also a new FX engine, which includes eight-band EQ, compressors, echo, and an impulse response based reverb. If you’re into programming parts from scratch, there are various mic, neck, and body combinations to shape the tone of the guitar.

The Instrument Mode ensures realistic guitar parts by conforming to the physical limitations of the instrument, preventing two notes from the same string ringing simultaneously. You can also optionally force open string notes (A1, D2, E2, and A2) to be played on open strings first, add stroke noise when playing polyphonically, and switch between various guitar oriented articulations like hammer-ons, pull-offs, harmonics,  palm mutes, slides, and more.

Ample Guitar Super Jumbo is the most comprehensive guitar instrument offered by Ample Sound to date. Check it out in action.  This article was originally posted at