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A Short Documentary on Perseverance and the Love of Books

It takes some guts to open an independent, bricks-and-mortar bookstore these days. But that’s what Josh Spencer did. He’s the proprietor of “The Last Bookstore,” the playfully-named shop located in downtown Los Angeles.

The short documentary above takes you into Josh’s world. And it tells the story of perseverance. Straightaway, you discover that Josh is a paraplegic. He survived a terrible accident, battled depression, and spent time living on welfare and food stamps.

Then, he persevered. The Last Bookstore flourishes while so many indie bookstores flounder. If you’re in LA, pay The Last Bookstore a visit. Find their location here.

The Last Bookstore: A Short Documentary on Perseverance & the Love of Books is a post from: Open Culture.