The Real Reason You Can’t Orgasm When You’re Drunk

Is “lady whiskey dick” a thing?

Tequila might make your clothes come off, beer might give you a happy buzz, whiskey might make you stupid, and wine might open up your heart, but there’s one thing that all alcohol has in common: it can get in the way of that elusive late-night, drunk-sex orgasm.

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Alcohol has all sorts of health benefits in moderation. Plus, being a little tipsy may even mean an easier time talking to your partner about what you want in bed. (And a new study shows that drinking with your partner can actually be good for your health.) But all that alcohol means you might not actually climax, says Shape sexpert Dr. Logan Levkoff. The same way alcohol can impair erectile function in men, it can impair sexual function in women. Whiskey dick for women? Yeah, kinda.

The reason? Great sex requires a lubricated vagina, but alcohol can dehydrate you and make that a lot less likely, resulting in dry, painful sex and a lower chance of orgasm, says Dr. Levkoff. The solution could be as easy as not drinking as much, alternating drinks with water, or reaching for a good lube (here’s your go-to guide).

As always, the most important part about drunk sex is ensuring consent and proper protection (aka using a condom correctly). But if this is an ongoing problem and you’re really struggling with sexual function, Dr. Levkoff recommends seeing your doc.

And if you’re having this issue when you’re dead sober? Dr. Lovkoff has that covered too.

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