30 Times People ‘Nailed’ Halloween Nail Art

Let’s brush the dust off those quarantined claws and get ready for the spookiest night of the year! But since most of us are having our minds running errands lately, trying to make sense of all the chaos around us, we are calling in the help of pro nail artists to get some Halloween inspo up and flowing.

The more, the better. With glitter, crystals, cobwebs, tiny spiders, and miniature ghosts, these elaborate designs will surely make your fingertips the subject of all conversations. Whether you will be celebrating via Zoom, in a small group of friends, or with your beloved doggo, turn yourself into a witch with black magic on your nails.

So scroll down below, upvote your favorite looks, and don’t forget to share your own DIY Halloween nail ideas with fellow pandas hungry for killer looks!

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To find out more about the spookiest nail art trends for your perfect Halloween, Bored Panda reached out to two professional nail artists to discuss some tips and tricks (or treats.)

The nail artist Abi from South Wales, United Kingdom, who runs the salon “Nailed It Beauty” and specializes in hand-painted nail art, told us that this year, she’s had more clients ask for Halloween nails than ever before, and a lot earlier than usual. “I think people just want something to look forward to this year and celebrate the spooky season,” she said.

Among the most popular Halloween-inspired nail designs, Abi named “dark vampy colors, scary movie references, a bit of blood and gore, and then your classic ghosts and pumpkins.”

However, the nail artist said that this year, the spookiness is all about being cute too. “Rather than your typical dark and gory nails, there’s been a lot more focus on more uplifting, cute designs. Think pastel pumpkins and smiling ghosts—designs that are a lot more wearable throughout the whole of autumn.”


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Abi said that in the past year, she has seen new nail trends coming up, like tortoiseshell, abstract patterns, and pop art. She also noted that many nail artists have had to adapt as an industry due to Covid, which has been extremely challenging for everyone.

“I began selling customized press-on nails so my clients could still have the nails they love. I also used the time to get creative, practice new techniques, and keep my Instagram game strong!”

Meanwhile, another nail art guru named Ashleigh Holgate, who runs a salon in Leyland, Lancashire, said that most people do go “for our classic cobweb set, though, since you can’t go wrong with cobwebs!” This year, though, Ashleigh said she has noticed witch and fortune teller vibes getting super popular in Halloween-themed nails.

The nail artist suggested going for as funky nails as possible for this Halloween. “Zombies, pumpkins, ghosts, vampire teeth, and blood drips—they all make for a cool set of nails.”


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When it comes to ever-changing nail trends, Ashleigh said that nail art has evolved so much that progress is visible every season. “Many more nail artists are hand-painting now, so the designs being created are just out of this world.”

Moreover, “You can have the same client three weeks apart and one week, they have a French fade, and the next, they’re having hand-painted designs with lots of color.” As a result, clients are becoming braver in their choices, and their nail artists are getting more skilled with every season.

To be ahead of the nail art designs, Ashleigh suggests that everyone try out the butterfly nail trend that just took off this year.


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