30 Of The Best Palm Tattoos

#1 We Don’t Typically Recommend Palm Tattoos, But This One Has A Lot Of Meaning To Our Customer. Plus We Do Really Love How It Turned Out

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Inked Mag advises to not complicate a palm tattoo with intricate designs, shading, or color palettes. “Palm tattoos are extremely prone to fading and falling out, which means simplistic designs with solid black will last the longest over time,” they write. “Keep your design as simple and readable as possible, otherwise, you’ll be left with an illegible mess.”

#2 Dot Work Paw Print

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Instead, they suggest considering lots of dots. “If you’re not looking for a simple black outline, you can opt for dot work shading. Most other shading styles won’t hold, however, saturated dot work can stand the tests of time if the dots are applied in multiple passes. This is because an artist applies dot shading like they would linework, depositing more pigment per dot than the wash-like shading you see in the whip technique.”

#3 Very Fun Tattoo Done Today

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But if dots aren’t your thing, there are other alternatives. For example, designs that are bold and black. “Let us say this loud and clear: BOLD WILL HOLD. Small, intricate and delicate designs will fall out, but heavy blacks will stay saturated in the skin long after the tattoo has healed. Callused skin that is constantly in motion, like the palms, has a faster regrowth than other locations on the body, which means that tattoo ink fades or falls out at a faster rate.”

#4 He’s Got The Whole World

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#5 Ginkgo Leaves. Fun Using The Palms In A Way I’m Not Normally Asked To Do

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#6 Another Pair Of Butterfly Palms From Last Week

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#7 Palm Tattoo Inspired By The Simpsons

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#8 Rad Palm Tattoos, Such An Awesome Experience

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#9 Honeycomb And Bee Tattoo

Image credits: acid.lasek

#10 Minimal Palm Tattoo

Image credits: heartbreakertattoo

#11 Got Some New Ink

Image credits: theworden86_tattoo

#12 We Found This Little Foo In The Shop

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#13 Moon And Sun Palm Tattoos

Image credits: david_carthy

#14 Palm Tattoo

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#15 Palm Tattoos Are A Serious Undertaking But I Assure You Ariel Is Up To The Task

Image credits: nickwallintattoos

#16 Palm Full O’ Pills

Image credits: cambion

#17 Self-Poke! “Weird Is Good” On My Palm, Done With My Non-Dominant Hand

Image credits: masterpokes

#18 Palm Barcode Tattoo

#19 Something Different

Image credits: butchtattoos

#20 Traveller’s Palm Tattoo

Image credits: dovenadam

#21 Atom – The Smallest Particle Of A Chemical Element That Can Exist

Image credits: charliegatestattoo

#22 Flowers On Both Palms

Image credits: bodystaff

#23 Oldie But Goldie. Both Healed

Image credits: kajsa_redrosetattoo

#24 My First Palm Ever! Turned The Machine Way Doooooown For This One

Image credits: corey_stc

#25 Intricate Palm Line Tattoo

Image credits: ivanpintosrivero

#26 It Was A Great Pleasure To Make This Beautiful Trifle On The Palm Of Jure

Image credits: niebuhr_tattoo

#27 Flamingo Tattoo

Image credits: lifesinked

#28 Dot-Work Palm Tattoo

Image credits: koldonovella

#29 I’m Just In Love With This Tattoo

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#30 Palm Tattoo

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