30 Impressive Back Tattoos That Are Masterpieces

Tattoos are a divisive subject, with many supporters and just as many opponents. However, whether you love or loathe tattoos, or you’re on the fence about this subject, there’s one thing that nobody can deny: some drawings are fantastic masterpieces that turn the human body into living, walking, breathing artwork.

For all of you art and tattoo lovers out there, Bored Panda has compiled this magnificent list of ideas for full back tattoos. The tats featured here transcend the usual discussion about tattoos and enter the realm of art. Let us know which ones caught your eye and why, upvote your favorite ones, and keep on scrolling. When you’re done being awed by awesome back tats, have a gander at Bored Panda’s posts about the best palm tattoos, clever matching tattoos, and epic leg tattoos.

#1 One More Session For Touch-Ups And Highlights

Image credits: deranhall

#2 Back Piece

Image credits: _intat

#3 Incredible Back Tattoo

Image credits: raphcemo

A person’s back is a canvas unto itself: there’s plenty of space for large, detailed drawings there and it’s probably every tattoo lover’s fantasy to end up having a personalized illustration on their backs.

#4 Freehand Back Piece

Image credits: versusink

#5 Amazing Piece Of Art

Image credits: deranhall

#6 Nautical Back Tattoo

Image credits: kapustattoo

Of course, such large tats require hours upon hours of dedicated hard work. And they cost a pretty penny too. So it’s important you talk to a tattoo artist you trust and respect before embarking on such a huge project that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

#7 Total Of 14/15 Hours Of Work

Image credits: andrefelipetattoos

#8 Floral Composition, Done In 2 Sessions

Image credits: pissaro_tattoo

#9 Amazing Back Ink

Image credits: juncha

Tattoozza has some advice on how best to care for your freshly-minted full back tattoo. We all know that you just can’t wait to show it off to the world when you ‘accidentally’ lift up your shirt in public, but there’s a certain protocol that needs to be followed for the sake of your health. First of all, your tattoo artist should bind your back with bandages and gauze; you can remove them after a few hours, but no scratching, and be sure to wash your hands!

#10 Amazing 3D Back Tattoo

#11 Beautiful Full Back Tattoo

Image credits: raphcemo

#12 Cat-Fish Back Piece

Image credits: fredao_oliveira

Next, you must keep the tattoo clean. So make sure your hands are clean each time you touch it, and avoid swimming and hot tubs if you can — nobody wants you to get an infection. Also, do your best to wear loose clothing that won’t rub against your back and won’t irritate your skin.

#13 Chinese Tattoo Design

Image credits: hengyue_newassassin_tattoo

#14 I Had Such An Honor To Make This Piece

Image credits: dotstolines

#15 Stunning Dot Work

Image credits: peaches_ink_

After a few days of using antibacterial creams on your back, you can then start applying moisturizing lotions. And voila! You’re all set to impress everybody you know. What do you think of tattoos? Does anybody you know have a back tattoo? Drop us a comment below, and share your thoughts with everybody.

#16 After 3 Years Of Pain, Patience, Expenses, Travels, Hard Work Finally We Did It! Thanks To My Client For All These Years

Image credits: augis_art_official

#17 Cute Dots

Image credits: dotstolines

#18 Really Impressive Work

Image credits: kasasink

#19 Impressive Detailed Full Back Tattoo

Image credits: tattoomikeschoten

#20 Book Illustrations Coming Live In This Back Piece

Image credits: mirifrank

#21 Deer And Magnolia Flowers. Done In Two Sessions

Image credits: pissaro_tattoo

#22 Full Back Line Art Tattoo

Image credits: dotstolines

#23 Grim Full Back Piece

Image credits: gara_tattooer

#24 Beautiful Back Tattoo

Image credits: wow_tattoo6

#25 Back Ink Masterpiece

Image credits: arang_eleven

#26 Detailed Back Piece

Image credits: patrykchybowski

#27 Amazing Back Piece

Image credits: lilyloulou

#28 Impressive Rose Tattoo

Image credits: kellyviolence

#29 Elegant Line Art On Back

Image credits: dotstolines

#30 Gorilla Baby

Image credits: flutterbytattoo

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