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Month: January 2022

Kazakhstan’s independent media and civil society shiver after protests

Protests in Aqtobe, Kazakhstan on 4 January 2022. Photo: Esetok, CC BY-SA 4.0 Life is returning to normal in Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest city and commercial capital, after the unprecedented violence that followed peaceful protests earlier in January but questions remain…

Keeping watch on China

Xi Jinping. Photo: Alan Santos/PR Last year Index launched a new workstream – Banned by Beijing.  This project was a significant step for Index as it seeks to explore not the actions of a repressive regime against its own citizenry…

Turkish-Armenian academic faces deportation from Greece over controversial views

Sevan Nişanyan at home in Samos A prominent Turkish-Armenian academic faces deportation from Greece after being labelled an “undesirable foreigner” in what he sees as punishment for creating a database of Greek placenames and how they have changed through history….

Just a week into 2022 and already violations are stacking up

Crowds gather to protest in Kazakhstan on 4th January 2022. Credit: Esetok Happy New Year! At the start of every year, I have a renewed sense of hope – that maybe, just maybe this year will be different.  That the…

COP26: A Review

In a recent interview with the Guardian, the president of COP26 Alok Sharma expressed concern that the agreements made at the Glasgow summit will end up as “a bunch of meaningless promises”. Two months on from the summit, it is timely…

Hope in the darkness

Nathan Law has been imprisoned, disqualified from political office and forced to seek political asylum in the UK – all for fighting for democratic rights in Hong Kong, his home city. But, in spite of it all, he remains optimistic….