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Day: October 7, 2021


The Democracy of Abstraction

Thomas Nozkowski (1944–2019) never hedged his bets. One bet was that abstract painting did not have to be elitist; it could be as open to subject matter as Andy Warhol supposedly was. The difference is that Nozkowski was not interested…


Searching for Frans Hals’s “Laughing Cavalier”

LONDON — If you are culture hungry in London, and one of your life’s greatest wishes is to avoid the vulgar yawp and bustle of shoppers on Oxford Street, there is a ready answer. A couple of streets back from…


A Final Show Honors the Legacy of a Bay Area Art Legend

SAN FRANCISCO — “Resident Alien 2021” is the “brilliant linchpin” of Hung Liu’s solo show, Golden Gate (金門), at the de Young Museum, says curator Janna Keegan.  For the show, Liu updated this piece, which she first exhibited in 1988…


Why the Hell We Are Obsessed with Hell

Why are we obsessed with the reimagining of hell? And what influences our notions of the landscapes, geography, and bodies within the fiery inferno? A new book takes readers to the origins of hell and back. This year numerous reflections…


Robert Vas Dias’s Words Explore the Fact of Things

Poetics of Still Life: A Collage is a sustained meditation on the still life in art. Robert Vas Dias’s new book, which pairs his poetry and art-critical prose—others’ and his own—with artwork, is a subtle discourse on how objects condition…