Hear 17,000+ Traditional Folk & Blues Songs Curated by the Great Musicologist Alan Lomax

For all its success with steamrolling over entire populations to build highways, factory towns, and office campuses, the U.S. has also, since its earliest days, produced scores of committed ethnologists, musicologists, and other documentarians of human cultural production in all its variety. This cruel paradox has, most generally speaking, left Continue Reading

Using a Step Sequencer

Learn to DJ with Traktor: Using a Step Sequencer | DJ Tips & Tricks | Beginner | Music Production Download Your Free Music Production Handbook: Now: https://berkonl.in/2AHgbh0 Enroll in Learn to DJ with Traktor: https://berkonl.in/2AGCVgR Adding live drums over Traktor used to be a complicated process, but now you can Continue Reading