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Month: April 2018


Confrontation and Disruption in a New Exhibition by Chinese-American Artist Xiaoze Xie

In his latest exhibition, “Confrontation and Disruption,” Chinese American artist Xiaoze Xie invites his audience to explore a fresh reading of time and memory mixed with a powerful reflection on global concerns. Xie tackles street confrontations with the police, refugees,…

Review – JST Bus Glue Plugins

I’m not generally a fan of “one-knob” macro style plug-ins. But there is a new series, called Bus Glue, from Joel Wanask at Joey Sturgis Tones (JST) that is the exception to the rule. JST Bus Glue Bus Glue is…

Why algorithms can’t save us from trolls and hate speech

By making the Internet as weightless and as frictionless as possible, we made our lives easier. But now, the whole world is suffering the consequences, says Jaron Lanier. By Jaron Lanier / This article was originally posted on In…