178 ‘Forbidden Food’ Examples You Shouldn’t Ever Eat (New Pics)

It’s a concept as old as Adam and Eve. However, while Christianity continues to decline in the US at a rapid pace, forbidden snacks are still very, very relevant. At least on the Internet.

Bored Panda has already covered the topic here and here but pictures of these heavenly delights keep popping up all over social media, so we have to keep up. Plus, since our first publication on forbidden snacks, a subreddit of the same name was born too, it’s the perfect opportunity to show it some love as well—some images in this list come from there!

The online community is obsessed with inedible objects that are tasty to the eye, but not to the mouth, so if you like what you see below, feel free to become one of its 911,000 members. From pebbles that look like toast to a hairdo you could sell as ramen, they’ve got it all.

In the meantime, continue scrolling and enjoy our refined selection of the not-so-heavenly delights.

#1 Forbidden Everything

Image credits: JPL_Reader

One of the moderators of r/ForbiddenSnacks, Blank-Cheque, told Bored Panda that the subreddit has been successful right from the start. “It had 100,000 subscribers in early 2018, according to FrontPageMetrics,” they said.

“[I think it has become popular because] inedible stuff that looks like food is simply interesting—just look at the Tide POD meme.”

#2 Grape Agate From Indonesia

Image credits: Yulinka17

For those of you who are too young to remember, the multi-national consumer goods corporation Procter & Gamble introduced the Tide PODS laundry detergent packs in February 2012, and poison control centers got quite a few calls due to children consuming the product.

In fact, according to Know Your Meme, a website dedicated to documenting Internet culture, the ‘forbidden snack’ term grew alongside the rise of the Tide POD Challenge—a dare game involving the consumption of these detergent capsules—to include other foods that look like they might be snacks.

#3 Manatees Being Fed Sweet Potatoes. While Looking Like Sweet Potatoes

Image credits: chompthecake

#4 Forbidden Ramen

Image credits: British-

Although forbidden snacks is definitely a niche subject, Blank-Cheque believes the subreddit is governed by the same Reddit laws as other communities. “Like most large subreddits, I don’t think the community really has features unique from Reddit as a whole. If the people here are funny then Redditors are funny in general,” they said.

There are frequent reposts like the puppies that look like fried chicken or the mineral that looks like steak but the moderator team try their best to keep the sub fresh.

#5 Lately, I’ve Been Having A Craving For Grilled Cheese, Then I Noticed My Calendar And It All Made Sense

Image credits: scroopiedoopie

#6 Forbidden Mayonnaise

Image credits: MrFluffytheLion

Sadly, some people have a really hard time resisting some of these forbidden snacks. Like Bored Panda mentioned in our previous forbidden snack list, there’s actually an eating disorder that makes the sufferer feel a compulsion to eat non-food items. It’s called pica, and it’s quite rare; pica often occurs with other mental health disorders associated with impaired functioning (e.g., intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder, schizophrenia).

#7 Carved Green Onyx Gemstone Grapes. I’m Salivating

Image credits: Trolivia

#8 A Giant Broccoli

Image credits: kaigaradotcom

#9 I Almost Ate A Praying Mantis That Was In My Salad

Image credits: DirgeofElliot

Common cravings in people with pica include the urge to eat soil, coal, rust, chalk and paper. In these individuals, pica usually is a sign that the body is trying to correct a significant nutrient deficiency. The good thing is that treating this deficiency with medication or vitamins often solves the problem.

#10 This Rock Looks Like A Steak

Image credits: DisclosedIntent

#11 Sea Glass, Looks Like Candy

Image credits: E-catherine

#12 Forbidden Thanksgiving Turkey

Image credits: theegoofball

#13 The Wood In This Tree Looks Like Spaghetti And Tomato Sauce

Image credits: AwayState

#14 Forbidden Honey

Image credits: jasminelg16

#15 I Found A Rock That Looks Like Bread With A Bite Taken Out Of It

Image credits: GamerLobster

#16 Forbidden Ice Cream

Image credits: JohnCenaAMA

#17 Forbidden Crème Brulée

Image credits: HPVD Photos

#18 Forbidden Avocado

Image credits: migraine_boy

#19 My Buddy’s Soap And Dish Look Like A Fried Egg

Image credits: ronin_cse

#20 Pass Me A Banana. Actually, I’m Alright

Image credits: danruse

#21 Still Can’t Believe It’s Not Ham

Image credits: MTPROJECTS

#22 Forbidden Fried Chicken (It’s Calcite)

Image credits: rebelraf

#23 My Over-Baked Lap Croissant

Image credits: Rosie RJ

#24 This Rock That Looks Like A Half-Eaten Potato

Image credits: classicjondor

#25 Mmmmmm… Caramels

Image credits: Mr_PoodlePants

#26 Vintage Forbidden Candy Identification Chart

Image credits: LinkDude80

#27 These Forbidden Oreos Are Actually Methamphetamine Disguised As Decorative Aztec Calendar Wheels

Image credits: ice.gov

#28 Caught Our Japanese Exchange Student About To Drink This Because It Says “Soda” And Has Fruit On The Label

Image credits: McBeardedson

#29 Juicy Pomegranate Seeds

Image credits: oldernan

#30 Was Making My Homemade Laundry Detergent And I Had To Stop Myself From Grabbing A Pinch Like When I Normally Shred Cheese

Image credits: Tasmith49

#31 This Rosso Levanto Marble Looks Like Raw Meat

Image credits: The Geography

#32 Forbidden Honey Bun

Image credits: Aussie_Red

#33 I Found A Pebble That Looks Like A Slice Of French Toast

Image credits: kimcaal

#34 Forbidden Tortilla (Rusted Metal Paint)

Image credits: Panzer_Man

#35 Can’t Tell If Rust Stained Tarp Or World’s Largest Burrito Just Casually Chilling On The Sidewalk

Image credits: reddit.com

#36 Forbidden Pork Belly

Image credits: SailorPuffles

#37 Anyone Know What Kind This Is? Fried Egg Jellyfish

Image credits: Sunshine Coast BC Canada

#38 Forbidden Coffee

Image credits: Faith_SC

#39 This Forbidden Ravioli Is Actually A Sea Star

Image credits: NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research

#40 Just Throwing Some Meat On The Grill

Image credits: succrose

#41 Forbidden Sorbet

Image credits: aclassymess

#42 Forbidden Sour Gummy Hippo (Crystallizing Soap)

Image credits: RogueOrange

#43 These Pancake-Looking Mushrooms I Found

Image credits: leaf_of_lettuce

#44 Forbidden Soup

Image credits: Littleredsavior

#45 Bowling Ball Broke At Work. It Looks Like A Forbidden Babybel Cheese

Image credits: hrm326

#46 Forbidden Milks

Image credits: Anemoni

#47 Forbidden Egg Yolk

Image credits: deva_iitkgp

#48 At Least They Tell You It’s Forbidden

Image credits: periacetabular_ost

#49 Forbidden Jalapenos

Image credits: ToiletRollTubeGuy

#50 Ready For My Jumbo Size Bucket Of Popcorn

Image credits: dane_and_egyption

#51 Forbidden Pickle Slices

Image credits: geedarnit

#52 You Thought Tide Pods Looked Like Candy

Image credits: hybridtheory1331

#53 This Rock Looks Exactly Like A Potato

Image credits: arjo_reich

#54 Forbidden Pineapple

Image credits: renaum

#55 Forbidden Fruit Snacks

Image credits: E-catherine

#56 Ladies And Gentleman, I Present To You… Pizza Rock

Image credits: charliewarner01

#57 It’ll Leave A Weird Taste In Your Mouth

Image credits: ZionFox

#58 This Stone I Found That Looks A Lot Like An Egg. Egg On The Right For Scale

Image credits: SconeIsGone

#59 Forbidden Steak

Image credits: David Allen Bacquet

#60 The Forbidden Hot Sauce

Image credits: denver_slob

#61 Forbidden Caramel Truffles (Spider Eggs)

Image credits: Fir0002

#62 Forbidden Ramen

Image credits: Justmissedtheboat

#63 Epoxy Gummies

Image credits: ka0s_

#64 A Fungi That Makes Me Hungry For A Fried Bologna Sandwich

Image credits: zeke_beagle

#65 Forbidden Dumplings

Image credits: RealKranton

#66 Forbidden Chocolate Bar

Image credits: AdeptScholarship

#67 Should She Use Tomato Or Alfredo Sauce For Tonight’s Italian Dish?

Image credits: malia1990

#68 I’m So Vegan That Every Time I See This Ad, I Think She Is Swimming In Tofu

Image credits: Kitty Blake

#69 Forbidden Fudge (It’s Soap)

Image credits: Low-Instance-4692

#70 It Looked Like A Marzipan, Smelled Like A Marzipan… Turns Out, It Was Soap

Image credits: Garessta

#71 Forbidden Stacked Cucumber Slices

Image credits: mouzerz80

#72 Forbidden Hamburger Patties

Image credits: khloekardashian

#73 I’m Dyeing Yarn And It Looks Like Beef Ramen

Image credits: aGgiraffe

#74 These Chips/Crisps That Came With My Package

Image credits: KiroDrache

#75 Forbidden Loaf Of Bread (Brick)

Image credits: XanderVaper

#76 Forbidden Natural Oreo

Image credits: moondragon7

#77 Forbidden Marshmallows

Image credits: uSlashAnonn

#78 Forbidden Prosciutto

Image credits: Thirtysixx

#79 Forbidden Grapes

Image credits: vondissen

#80 My Shoe Melted In My Room In The Summer Heat And Now It Looks Like Caramel

Image credits: Beans_In_The_Dark

#81 Forbidden Crustinis (Old Spray Foam)

Image credits: crashparachute

#82 These Forbidden Coco-Puffs Will Crunch Your Teeth (It’s Ceramic Balls For Aquarium Filters)

Image credits: beast_c_a_t

#83 Forbidden Rainbow Sherbet

Image credits: rebraibz

#84 Forbidden Gum

Image credits: tonkathewombat

#85 My Towel Fell Off Its Hook And It Looks Like Soft Serve Ice Cream

Image credits: dani4688

#86 If You Like Pinacolad- Wait…

Image credits: sadewgong

#87 Forbidden Cinnamon Roll

Image credits: gamingjenn

#88 Forbidden Chocolate Wafer Biscuits

Image credits: _fizzabelle

#89 My Mask Filters After One Day Firefighting. Some Nice Tea Would Be Good Right Now

Image credits: thebadchopper

#90 Forbidden Orange Juice

Image credits: indoorwarrior63

#91 This Crystal Looks Like A Cauliflower

Image credits: SweetTaterette

#92 This Shell I Found That Looks Just Like A Coconut

Image credits: SadFatDargon

#93 Rian Johnson’s Forbidden Donut Candle

Image credits: rianjohnson

#94 Forbidden Mikado Chocolate Sticks

Image credits: Communist_Tuna

#95 Forbidden Bread Roll

Image credits: madisonmm1029

#96 What I’m Bringing For Christmas Dessert: “Trashcan Lid Rain Leaf Surprise”

Image credits: K3R3G3

#97 Forbidden Hot Chocolate

What’s this? Chocolate milk? Hot cocoa? Some coffee? Hot tea?? Nope, it’s me cleaning my beauty blender!

Image credits: bidda.sinha.94

#98 Forbidden Mushroom

Image credits: Hosainzadeh

#99 Finishing A New Room, And Man I Do Not Want My Toddlers Finding Any Of The Light, Fluffy “Cotton Candy” Laying Around

Image credits: austinmcraig

#100 My 4-Year-Old Pointed Out These Forbidden Pringles

Image credits: FantasticBurt

#101 Forbidden Cheese Cubes

Image credits: Aeuma

#102 My Mom Sent Me This Picture Of Her Latest Crochet Project. Ground Beef Anyone?

Image credits: beardsnflannels

#103 Forbidden Maple Syrup

Image credits: MCcereal

#104 Forbidden Honey

Image credits: liamh190

#105 Forbidden Ice Cream

Image credits: justwonderingbro

#106 Perfectly Roasted

Image credits: billy2times

#107 Crystal My Brother Found That Kinda Looks Like A Bean Burrito

Image credits: Chevicea

#108 Forbidden Fried Eggs On The Highway

Image credits: TheWendysGuy

#109 Forbidden Jelly Beans

Image credits: ansel_elgordo

#110 Forbidden Olive

Image credits: bagelbiteprincess

#111 Forbidden Crusty Loaves

Image credits: sweet_billy_pilgrim

#112 Meet Cinnamon. She Was Born With Ears That Look Like Cinnamon Rolls

Image credits: klpack11

#113 Forbidden Maki Sushi

Image credits: originalbigdickmcgee

#114 Beach Hotdog

Image credits: Roddler

#115 Forbidden Fries

Image credits: Virus5229

#116 Forbidden Lunch Meat

Image credits: captainidaho

#117 This Mushroom That Looks Like A Fried Egg

Image credits: aa__ta

#118 Forbidden Brownies

Image credits: oceanperez

#119 10-Second Rule Popcorn

Image credits: puddelles

#120 Found Some Rocks At The Beach

Image credits: tobofre

#121 Forbidden Spices

Image credits: GangsterDos370

#122 Forbidden Fish Eggs (Red Airsoft BBS)

Image credits: yeyeasshaircutV2

#123 I Thought It Was Candy Until My Mother Pointed Out That It Was A Towel

Image credits: hiwrik

#124 Are We Cuckoo For These Coco Puffs?

Image credits: a_disappointing_poop

#125 So Tasty Buns

Image credits: adultballetcollective

#126 Forbidden Ice Cream Sandwich

Image credits: The_Boss69

#127 Forbidden Corn Muffin. It’s An Orange Shag Mushroom Stool

Image credits: stacktherocks

#128 My Coffee Scented Soaps That Look Like Slabs Of Raw Meat

Image credits: pepperjack77-7

#129 Forbidden Ice Cream

Image credits: mortayro

#130 This Rock I Found While Hiking That Looks Like A Slice Of Pizza

Image credits: xxxtencioncord2

#131 This Rock Looks Like A Steak

Image credits: madscience1221

#132 Forbidden Fruit Roll Up

Image credits: klaygstappr

#133 This Forbidden Toblerone Looks Extra Crunchy

Image credits: devilscry3

#134 Forbidden KitKat

Image credits: JWT London

#135 Forbidden Ramen

Image credits: jabrone710

#136 I Found A Rock That Looks Like A Piece Of Pie

Image credits: Musopia123

#137 Everything Tastes Better With Spicy Mayo

Image credits: cwm3846

#138 This Is Shampoo

Image credits: FaceTheDog

#139 Forbidden Mentos

Image credits: r_mutt1997

#140 Resistor Pizza

Image credits: aatdalt

#141 Forbidden Wedding Cake

Image credits: Axagoras

#142 I Found A Whole Forbidden Platter At A Museum Today

Image credits: BrrrDub

#143 Forbidden Cinnamon Rolls

Image credits: TwoFishFlavors

#144 Forbidden Cheese Sauce

Image credits: hourara

#145 Forbidden Beer

Image credits: RecDep

#146 Our Builders Appear To Have Filled Up Our Wall With Delicious Strawberry Ice-Cream

Image credits: SanguinePar

#147 When You Don’t Tell The Olive Garden Waiter When

Image credits: dogbert730

#148 My Dorm Is Flooding With Chocolate Milk

Image credits: EZ1112

#149 Cedar Wood Shavings That Look Like Raw Bacon

Image credits: Cheesecake31

#150 This Natural Rock That Looks Like Uncooked Bacon

Image credits: madddetective

#151 Forbidden Boxed Wine

Image credits: IVIustangGT

#152 Forbidden Bacon

Image credits: strick7500

#153 Forbidden Oreo

Image credits: bzfelt

#154 Forbidden Soft Serve (Molten PVC)

Image credits: anonthrowaway57

#155 Forbidden Eggs

Image credits: xil3h

#156 Nach-Yo Cheese

Image credits: FungusBrewer

#157 Yummy

Image credits: weedebest

#158 Forbidden Ham/Chicken Breast And Shredded Mozzerella Cheese

Image credits: crunchy_meringue

#159 A Single Grain Of Sand Looks Like A Forbidden Gummy Bear

Image credits: Abcd4321__

#160 Forbbiden Sushi Roll

Image credits: skedaddleskedoodle_

#161 Forbidden Kit Kat

Image credits: DRweedo

#162 Forbidden Perfectly Toasted Marshmallows

Image credits: Kierkegaard_Soren

#163 Forbidden Waffles

Image credits: slightlybeigewalls

#164 Forbidden Pancake

Image credits: MajorZod

#165 Forbidden Sausage

Image credits: iamemhn

#166 These Rocks Looks Like Slices Of Baguette Breads

Image credits: tmash01

#167 Forbidden Toblerone

Image credits: ardac2002

#168 This Spider Looks Like It Has An Oyster Cracker On Its Back

Image credits: somesass

#169 Forbidden Green And Red Grapes At Walmart. Extra Chronchie

Image credits: tindremene

#170 Forbidden Ham – Rhodochrosite Stalactite

Image credits: Argentina-Minerals-1321306684681311

#171 Forbidden Steak

Image credits: Argentina Minerals

#172 Forbidden Peanut Butter

Image credits: EVILgorgonzola

#173 Forbidden Ramen

Image credits: d416

#174 Forbidden Mountain Dew

Image credits: rudogg678

#175 The Couch Pillow Is A Forbidden Corn Cob

Image credits: loop-cat

#176 Forbidden Olives

Image credits: MissLauraJ

#177 Forbidden Cheese Balls

Image credits: Hearkittykitty

#178 This Forbidden Steak Is Actually Pink Ruby Crystals

Image credits: maddielc13

Source: Bored Panda

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