11 Animals Escaped From Zoos!

11 Lillith

A Eurasian lynx named Lillith escaped from a zoo in Wales in October 2017. The feline broke out of its enclosure at Borth Wild Animal Kingdom in Ceredigion, and was missing for five days when the announcement of its disappearance was made public. Andrew Venables spotted Lillith while she was sleeping in a closed caravan park about a mile from the zoo.

Number 10 Har-Lee

An 800-pound takin named Har-Lee escaped from its Rhode Island zoo enclosure in May 2018. The animal injured a zoo keeper and a veterinary intern and set itself loose. The 800-pound takin was supposed to have a routine hoof procedure. He began charging the reinforced doors managing to break through and run around the zoo for about an hour before being captured by staff.

9 Estrella

A two-year-old jaguar named Estrella escaped her enclosure at Abilene Zoo in Texas in May 2017. The feline managed to enter an adjacent exhibit and attacked a spider monkey. Estrella was found lying on top of the monkey enclosure, and within 10 minutes was shot with a tranquilizer dart and returned to her exhibit. However, the 19-year-old spider monkey she attacked, named Ba suffered serious injuries and had to be euthanized.

8 The Nandankanan

Zoo A wild tiger wandered out of the jungle and onto the grounds of the Nandankanan Zoo in India in January 2015, attracted by a tigress kept in captivity. The wild tiger had been spotted around the area multiple times prior to the incident, so the zoo staff decided to open the emergency gate and let him into the zoo. After the tiger got in, zoo keepers locked the gates and decided to keep him enclosed. However, just as he seemed to be settling in, a few weeks after walking into the zoo, the tiger managed to escape.

7 The Cologne Zoo

A 43 year old woman at the Cologne zoo in Germany, was viciously attacked by a tiger that managed to escape. In August 2012, a Siberian tiger called Altai escaped from its enclosure through a gate not properly shut.

6 Veteran & Bear

The 300lb bear first clawed its owner, Mikhail Kharin. Afterwards it came across 87-year-old war veteran Mikhail Nikulin. He was dragged along the ground suffering fatal injuries. The bear then rampaged through the neighborhood, where it broke a fence and tried to climb into a car. When the police were called about the bear, they accused the caller of setting up a hoax. After a few minutes, they agreed to attend the scene.

5 Noah and Connor Barthe

A large python managed to escape its enclosure at Reptile Ocean shop in Campbellton, New Brunswick, Canada, in August 2013. The 14-foot snake got into the ventilation system and was able to travel to the apartment above the pet shop, which belonged to the owner of the shop, Jean-Claude Savoie. Five-year-old Noah Barthe and his seven-year-old brother, Connor, were asleep in the home. The python dropped through the ceiling, slithered through the room and into the bed.

4 San Francisco Zoo

On Christmas Day in 2007, a female Siberian tiger held at the San Francisco Zoo managed to escape its enclosure. The tiger, named Tatiana, clawed out of its pen just as the facility was closing. Officers found the massive feline charging at its victim, while the man was sitting on the ground with blood pouring from gashes in his head. San Francisco Zoo officials believe the tiger may have been provoked.

3 Taian Tiger Mountain

Park A 65-year-old zoo keeper was cleaning a lion’s enclosure when the ferocious animal bit him by his shoulders and neck and managed to escape. The incident took place in the eastern province of Shandong, China, at the Taian Tiger Mountain Park. The lion roamed around the zoo for about an hour.

2 Ohio

Tens of wild animals were freed by Muskingum County Animal Farm owner Terry Thompson. Officers were afraid that animals hit with darts would manage to escape before dropping down and regain consciousness later.

1 Tbilisi Flooding

In July 2015, water from the Vere river swept away houses and buildings and left wild animals roaming the Georgian capital. The zoo itself had been destroyed and most of its animals ended up on the streets. There were bears, wolves, hyenas, tigers and even lions on the loose. The escaped wild animals were seen struggling to remain above the flooding water. Youtube: They will Kill You


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