Mother Nature Is a Mathematician

The more science studies it, the more science is finding that we’re all connected by way of energy and resources being supplied to cells – and by a principle known as quarter scaling.

Although other theories were put forward, it wasn’t until 1997, that James Brown (not the singer!), Geoffrey West and Brian Enquist suggested a universal origin of this scaling law. Although their theory is complicated, it is attractive in that it not only explaines the 3/4 power law of metabolism and body size, but also many other body size – physiology scaling patterns that seemed to all be even multiples of 1/4.

For instance, in mammals, life span scales to body weight with a 1/4 power law and heart beats per minute scales to body weight with a negative 1/4 power law. The interesting result of these two opposing values is that, no matter how large a mammal is – mouse or elephant – or how long they live – 1 year or 100 years – all mammals have, on average, the same number of heartbeats over their lifetime. How cool is that!?! Read fill article at Math Bench.

Universal Mathematics: All Life on Earth Is Bound by One Spooky Algorithm

“There is always a price to pay when energy is processed; there is no free lunch. Because energy underlies the transformation and operation of literally everything, no system operates without consequences. Indeed, there is a fundamental law of nature that cannot be transgressed, called the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which says that whenever energy is transformed into a useful form, it also produces “useless” energy as a degraded by-product: “unintended consequences” in the form of inaccessible disorganized heat or unusable products are inevitable.”